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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Say what you will about my photography...my youngest is brilliant. Really. A few days ago, her sister was making toast. Bria decided that sounded like the best thing in the world for breakfast if you make it like this...

"Chockit" also known as Nutella on one slice.

 "Pink Stuff" also known as organic strawberry spread (the generic kind from Costco) on the other slice. I know you love how I mention organic strawberry spread with a big old empty bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper in the background. I just wanted to keep it real for you.
Served as a sandwich cut into quarters on the Dora plate. Apparently this makes it taste sooooo much better.

Anyway, we've talked about Giada's panini made with fresh strawberries and Nutella on a special banana bread. I've never made it. While that sounds fabulous, this was Glee morning. That means I have an extra child to pick up with leave an hour and a half earlier then rush back home to get Bria off to school. I don't have time for panini's. Toast that big kids can help with, I can do.

Try it. I promise you'll like it. I'll save the fresh strawberries and banana bread for your next visit.


Missy said...

Nothing better than Nutella and a Dora plate!

Emmy said...

Okay that made me really hungry. Snowmen plates are what make things better in our house.

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