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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All In

I said I wouldn't until at least December. I said I didn't know if I ever would again.  For two days I thought never, ever again. Then it happened.

I know I've been slacking. I know I need a race that I've paid for to get me off my rear. I saw one. I knew friends would be doing it. I called Ray. Want to? Let me check my schedule.

I was hem hawing around. Want to? No! Should I? Yes! Can I? Probably.

I call my brother. You want to? No! Why? I work 80 hours. I don't have time to train. In our home town! People will know us! Have you lost your mind!?!

More hem hawing.

My phone rings. You are? I will. Sure. Training schedules are on line. (What did I just do?)

Ray looks up at me and says, "You just went all in didn't you?"

I did.

Next half will be in May. What have I done?

The crazier part is, Ray asked me to do another too. As in two halfs three weeks apart. I am not that crazy!


Shannon said...

Can't wait!!!!!

You will also be glad to know that the charity that is benefiting from this race is the Family Service Society here in Paducah. The director is a friend of mine. They are doing great things for low-income families here in the area.

Missy said...

This is so awesome! You are awesome!!!

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