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Sunday, December 26, 2010

We're Home

Our plans changed drastically at the last minute this year. Travel changed, menus changed... Pretty much everything changed. Santa's plans must have changed too.

The girls were happy with his gifts though. Bria got her nintendo ds which is actually an iXL and much more age appropriate. Lucky us, she doesn't know the difference. We weren't real sure how Santa could make a real turtle much less a real dragon in his toy factory. Thank goodness he can make webkinz turtles and dragons.

Santa left the girls a note. It must be hard for cold blooded creatures to survive at the North Pole. It's also hard for him to purchase turtles since it's apparently illegal to sell most kinds in both KY and TN. It is just impossible to find dragons that are nice too. Petsmart has Chinese water dragons. We checked them out while we were looking for a gift for Tucker. Apparently even though they are cute and barely a few inches long, they grow to four feet, they are aggressive and fast and not appropriate for a 10-year old. Santa must have had a stressful few days before Christmas!

The note told the girls how good they've been. The elves decided to make them an xbox360 with kinetic. They also got the kinectimals game so they could play with lots of new animal friends. They are pretty happy. Thank goodness! We're pretty sure Santa put all his eggs in one basket.

Time for bed. Laundry and unpacking await me so that I can repack for another holiday road trip. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I hope Santa is enjoying a bit of time off before he has to start for next year.

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