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Friday, December 10, 2010

Testing Santa

Say what you want but my child who will be 10 next week (insert shutter here) believes in Santa. I think she might be testing him though. Tricky tricky girl asked Santa for a Dragon, a nice one, like the Night Fury dragon in the How to Train Your Dragon Movie.

You know... this guy...

I think his name might be Toothless. I would have come up with something different, like this week I really want to name a pet Huckleberry. I don't know why.

I tried to explain the damage a small dragon could cause to the home we are renting.

Her answer is that Santa is magical. He is perfectly capable of coming up with a small, safe dragon.

Hanan asked for this...

Who are these children? I can't wait to see what Santa pulls out of his rear this year. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what he'll be doing. At this point, I think it's perfectly acceptable that the three year old wants a DSi.


Missy said...

McCoy believed at ten, but that was it! Enjoy it while you can! LOL

Anonymous said...

One year Katie (kid #1) gave Ellen (kid #3) a Madagascar hissing cockroach for Christmas. Even worse, Ellen was thrilled. She named him Simon. And some folks had the nerve to tell me boys were a lot rowdier and rougher than girls. Hah!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Well, as a "proud" owner of 3 turtles...I can say a tortoise is a lot cleaner. Does that help? I do not have a dragon though, so I can't help you there.

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