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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ten Years?

 Ten years ago today, after dealing with kidney stones for a couple of days, Arleigh decided to make her entrance with that perfectly round head on a cold, dark Icelandic day. She was due on Christmas eve but I was plenty happy and plenty relieved for a number of reasons when she made her appearance.

Arleigh got to meet her Uncle Tye Tye (and Grandma) on Dec. 26th. It was love at first sight. She still has him wrapped around her finger. He was one of the first people to call her this morning. He had the the big girl laughing about her birthday from the beginning singing a special song.

He was the first of many visitors and many people who continue to love on our first princess. 

Somewhere along the way she started to grow up. She wore my baby clothes and posed for me whenever I asked.

 There were super sweet moments... like falling asleep watching Blues Clues. But I still long for those first few nights and those first Christmas pajamas.
 Suddenly she was all girl. Always the over achiever. Always tons of fun. Always trying to figure out the next move and how her little sister could test it out first.
By her fourth birthday she was showing us just how smart she was. She shocked me when she asked where we would live the next year on her birthday.  I suddenly realized that she was right. With every birthday she had been in a new house.
 She already had a love for Ariel. The love for the beach came naturally. Lately she's been asking if we'll live by the beach again, girl after my own heart.
 She always surprises us. Even when we think she'll be scared, she started to try new things. It is so hard to let go of the first one. The first everything was sometimes harder on me than it was on her. I wonder if I made her so cautious. Sometimes, it's a blessing, sometimes it's a curse. I'm sure she'll say it was all me for the latter one day.
 Over night, she went from tiny little girl to big kid, ready to try new things. I wasn't quite sure I was ready.
 She stepped up twice in her role as big sister. It's her greatest role yet. She is a role model, and extra pair of hands, a mother and wise for her years. I know that someday when her sisters don't want a mother's advice, their big sister will always know the right thing to say.
 She gets bigger, wiser and more fun every day.
 I've blinked and she's grown, her own person. Her own life to live. I hope she'll always want us along for the ride.

Happy Birthday Arleigh. I am so happy to watch you grow up and so, so proud of the young lady you're becoming. I also miss my baby. Indulge every now and then, would ya'?

I love you Arleigh. Happy 10th birthday! You've completed your first decade. Here's looking to at least ten more!


heidi said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Arleigh! Welcome to double digits! :-)

The Driskells said...

Happy Birthday Arleigh! You are turning into an amazing young lady!

Missy said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful young lady!

Cheeseboy said...

Her name is awesome! Hope she has a terrific birthday!

Shanan said...

What a sweet post! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas! I miss you!!!

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