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Monday, December 27, 2010

So This Is Christmas...

So... I have no time to sit here and slowly upload pictures. There is a pile of laundry in my living room. Toys, hairbands, lip gloss, finger nail polish, any number of different video games, candy, paper, bags and all sorts of Christmas collateral are strewn from one end of my house to another. In 48 hours, we'll head north one more time while the girls are out of school.

It's our turn to hop in the van and return all those road trips Grandma has made since the girls are out of school. Ray is going to help his dad with a project in IL. There are a couple of stores that I'm dying to visit and I really hope they aren't too picked over by the time I get there. Then there's that annual New Year's Day dinner. The girls are already anticipating the dollar bills that will magically appear under their plate when they eat their black eyed peas.

There won't be captions...you'll just have to guess. We made cookies with the cousins at Grandma's. We visited Santa at Grandma's church on Christmas eve before making our annual Christmas eve expedition to Wal-Mart the hap, hap, happiest place on earth. (Insert sarcasm here.) We had Christmas eve dinner at Mimi's where Santa dropped a bag full of presents on the porch. Seriously! Everyone had something in the bag, even me. I was actually good. Then back to Grandma's in the snow for presents with Tye Tye and Aunt Julie. We woke up to Santa and Kendall cousins for breakfast then loaded up and headed to IL. We stopped by Aunt Glenda's house for a quick hello and Merry Christmas then went to Nana and Papa's where we very anxiously awaited Uncle Mike's and Aunt Sharon's arrival so we could rip into too many presents to count. A big breakfast awaited us, then a snack and a trip back to Memphis. Did you keep up with all that? I'm whooped and in 48 hours it all starts again but replace presents with after Christmas shopping.

Here are the gratuitous Christmas pictures. Far more are on Facebook.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Great shots! The Dog beers shirt is hilarious! Now, I am sure you are already off again, but safe travels!

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