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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Holidays Headache

I've had a headache for almost three days now. Tuesday it was bad. Yesterday it was bearable. Today, it is horrible. I won't go into graphic detail, but Bria is home with me today because there was no way I was going to drive her to school after the drive I had with Arleigh and Hanan this morning. It. Was. Gross! I kept apologizing. They said no worries with a look of horror on their faces. I don't know if they were more upset because of their mother seeming to be on her deathbed while driving or the embarrassment they felt as I dry heaved with the door open. At least they aren't in junior high yet. I was only dropping them off for Glee so only 15 cars saw me instead of 153 cars.

Anyhoo... medication has dulled the pain. There is only so much Scooby Doo that I can watch...or Super Why...or World World... or...

In Breaking news my brilliant child who happens to be sitting beside me just saw her name in this post. Before long, she'll be reading, going to a real school and leaving home. I think I feel that headache coming back around.

So while I've looked like this...

I still went for a short run last night. It gave me too much time to think. Maybe this whole headache thing is really just my brain growing and stretching from thinking too much.

Our holiday decor is up. It wasn't that stressful. Ray even Griswolded the outside of the house for the girls. I'm happy with they way everything looks. I can sit back and enjoy it. I can't say that the decorating caused a headache but the thought of putting it all away again could certainly cause one.

The Christmas lists are getting more and more difficult. They are headache inducing lists! It seems like I'm constantly loading up the van for another trip to Good Will. I've We've been trying to simplify things around here, get rid of what we don't use, pass it on to someone who will appreciate and use it. It is hard right now to think about making a list of things to add to when I'm still trying to edit out. The clothes easily went away, though I could probably edit even more out. The girls have so much stuff that just continues to accumulate, they don't take care of what they have. Bria wants everything she sees right now. The other day I was reading an article about a little boy in an orphanage who was having medical difficulties. There was a picture of him on an old worn out rocking horse (Bria has a nicer one that was once her sister's.) I hear from over my shoulder, "I want that for Christmas!" I ask her what she wants, it's the horse in the picture. Arleigh and Hanan have a little more refined taste but I'm not going to tell anyone else that Arleigh is desperate for and Ipod touch and Hanan is coveting at Ipad. Short story long... the lists are causing a headache.

I really appreciate my mother's philosophy for Christmas. Every one of her kids, stepkids, grandkids, gets one item that costs around $100. She makes sure it's one item that the person really, really wants. Everyone is happy. She also gives us cash. We appreciate that too. Really Grandma... I like how simplified she makes things. I wish I could do that for the girls too. Then I see a lady bug habitat and I know Bria would love it. I see an art studio that Hanan would love. I know Arleigh really wants... Well nothing. That child never really asks for anything unless it involves electronics.

Then there is the holiday schedule. There is a race Sat. You know, the big race, that I'm trying to pretend won't really be happening. Arleigh is supposed to be in a Christmas parade. Some friends from college will be in town. Ray has a surprise planned for the big girls on Sunday. That's just the first weekend in Dec. Christmas week includes travel, hosting and duty and...and...and...

Headaches are starting to make sense. I'm thinking that more than the clothes in our closet needs to be simplified. Now how to do that is going to cause another headache.


heidi said...

Ugh! Headaches blow. I'm really sorry you've had one for days. :-( I hear ya - I can blame my kids for being greedy all I want but the sad truth is I spurn it on by wanting to buy them every little thing I see that they might like.

Go, purge. Maybe you'll feel better. And good luck on the race!

Missy said...

Sorry your experiencing these headaches. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

The Holiday Headache huh? I think you are on the right track. I have one too. It is a good thing you "see" why, right?
The big race? I am rooting for you all the way!! ALL THE WAY!!!

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