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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless/Wordfull Wednesday

My Wordless Wednesday is going to be full of words....

A few days ago I wrote about all the women who have made me think about who I am and the work I could do. Katie was one of them. I've mentioned her before. She is amazing.

She is in the process of legally  adopting her daughters. Somewhere in the middle of finalizing things, Jane's biological mother came back. Jane's biological mother now has legal custody. When I read Katie's blog, my heart broke for her. She is young, alone raising fourteen girls, fighting for them every day. To have one taken, it breaks my heart for her.

I'm taking a second to ask you to do something for Katie. Please go to this site. Read the post...then comment. For every comment that's made, Katie will receive $2 to help her finalize the adoption of thirteen girls. Can you imagine the cost she is facing? Two seconds. Click on the link. Make a comment. Make the difference for Katie and her girls.

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