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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

Excuse the ramblings. You see, it's been a busy day. It started out when I dropped my girls and a neighbor at school early for Glee. I went to the doctor's office to pick up some paperwork and they forgot to let me know that Bria's flu shot was available. So we waited...and waited... and Bria got her shot.

I think it's funny how all my children are inherently different. At three, Arleigh would bite her lower lip, cry out when she got her shot and then weep, quite loudly for the rest of the day. At three, Hanan needed to be hog tied or at least put in a straight jacket for a shot. Once it took me, three nurses and a former marine's big tattooed arms to hold her down. Bria raised her sleeve. She looked at me, barely winced and asked for her treat. She has proudly displayed her battle wound all day. Inherently different.

I ran out to get some things. Just as I was lamenting the fact that my automatic windows sometimes forget that they are automatic, I found myself parked next to a very old Saturn. It's raining here today. The back window was broken out. A very nice, new Tinker Bell backpack sat on the seat getting wet. An old ratty pink carseat sat in the middle. The fabric was threadbare. There was trash all over it. I wondered at the looks of things if someone was living in that car. Which child was sleeping by the broken, permanently open window? I'm good at jumping to conclusions like that. It makes me count my blessings and want to do away with my automatic windows.

The Fun Run at school was postponed this morning. It was postponed due to mud. While it worked out for me, what about all the other people who don't have a stay at home mom schedule. What about all the people who shifted appointments? Folks, it will be muddy tomorrow too. I just don't understand the logic sometimes.

Bria had her Thanksgiving Feast today. I'll post pictures later. She was dressed as an Indian. She was clingy. The other kids were a little wild. The really fun thing was her feast... chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, fruit salad with marshmallows, corn and green beans. There were also cute little turkeys made from oreos and candy corn. When the list of what to bring came out, I saw only fruit, nuggets and mac and cheese. This was a feast a three year old could be thankful for! If there was only a slice of pizza, Bria's favorite foods would have been covered.

My sweet, wonderful, handsome husband somehow scored tickets to the Brad Paisley concert tonight... FOR FREE! I'll be on a date night with a handsome sailor shortly.

My brother has a new job. He's working at a college. I am really excited about it. He is in a slighly safer position. He is still doing something he loves. Eventually it will lead to more time with his dog training. Best of all, he has easy access to help mold young minds. He's going to be great at it. I'm super proud of him. He's already helping shape the future of the students who are working for him.

There has been one very specific thing Bria has been wanting for Christmas. Today, Aunt Julie got it by going out of her way to a bigger Wal-Mart and sneaking the last one off the shelves. Aunt Julie Rocks!

Bria is sleeping. The house is quiet. I would love to nap by a fire but the dreadmill is calling my name.

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