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Monday, November 29, 2010

Still Thankful

So what happens when you blog from your phone is more than half of your post might get cut off. You finally log onto a computer after a very long weekend, look at your demon seed and can't for the sake of your life remember all the funny, cool stuff you were really saying. I'm still thankful anyway.

I'm thankful we were able to spend time with the Stiff side of the family. We ate too much. We shopped a little. I was super tired. Spending the night anywhere with a three year old that isn't your own house pretty much means no sleep. I'm thankful I managed to catch back up.

I'm thankful that for the most part the Christmas decorations are up and now I can just sit back and enjoy them. I'm thankfully able to put out of my mind Dec. 27th when I will probably be moved to start packing it all away.

I was also thankful for the little blogging/facebooking break that I took over Thanksgiving weekend. I still read blogs and status updates. I just wasn't an active participant. It seems that it doesn't matter what you write or what you post, sometimes people take it the wrong way. While I'm tempted to write a long dissertation about all of the things I've said or pictures I've posted that have been misunderstood, I think it might add fuel to a fire. Instead I'll direct you to one of the blogs I read very, very often... Ragamuffin Soul.

While this isn't the same thing at all, it has me thinking about the ramifications of putting yourself out there. Have you been misunderstood? What did you do about it?

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