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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Highs & Lows

Sunday was not one of my better days. We were supposed to host an Orphan Sunday event. It's a long story. We were forced to cancel because of things outside of my control. I was upset, aggravated and irritated. To make matters worse, it was a long day of church activity and didn't feel like playing nicely. I get like that sometimes. I was stewing in my own juices and probably pouting a little because I also couldn't understand why our social worker didn't call all weekend. She has a habit of calling me after nine on a Saturday night. Sometimes, it's a little earlier in the middle of kids' baths. I think she prefers to work during the weekends. Anyway, the phone rang at nine. Ray started giggling. It was her. The homestudy was approved!!!

That low down low, turned into a major high. I was grinning from ear to ear. On Orphan Sunday I found out that our eight month ordeal would soon be over. Seriously folks. It took us nearly three times as long as the average home study takes. I get to pick up my copies today! Not even the fact that she ignored me asking her to have it notarized on base could get me down. Woo hoo!!! I am ecstatic!

Of course first thing Monday I call KY. My high starts to even out. I found out the realities of our new time frame. I would have preferred earlier but it's out of my hands. She did say, get everything off to immigration the second you pick up the home study. She didn't want us to do anything to hold us up from getting logged in by Jan. The holidays, fingerprint appointments, all that jazz, we need to get a jump.

Guess what! I'm having to wait 24 hours. Even after she warned me to get it done. I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's like the butterfly effect for me. What if 24 hours somehow holds us up with someone's Christmas vacation, that could hold us up with Chinese New Year at some point. And suddenly the it takes about a year, is moving on to two. I know it's all in my head. It's all God's time. It still bothers me.

On top of that, this morning I remembered late that I needed to get an appetizer to the school. The teachers are getting dinner before tonight's open house. Okay, lucky for me there was something I could pull out of the freezer. I get it situated and ask my little darlings to take it to the office. Arleigh had so much homework, she couldn't possibly carry it or cooperate with sitting arrangements in the car. I stopped the freaking out my driving with one hand while I help the tray in the other. Hanan is going to carry the tray in when she realizes that she doesn't have her lunch. I tell them to get out. I'll carry in the tray with her lunch after I drive back home and get it. I come home. No lunchbox in the lunchbox spot. No lunchbox on the sofa. No lunchbox in her room. Arleigh's done this to me before, calling me to tell me she forgot something that was in her lunch. I go back to the school, drop off the appetizer and take Bria to school. I forgot her pictures that needed to be returned TODAY. Crap. I send Hanan's teacher a note asking if her lunch was in her bag. Nope. Hanan says check by the sofa. Double crap! It was in her closet. Really? Yes. in. her. closet. Back to the school.

I came home, emailed off the info about the changed date for our new Orphan Friday event and got ready for a run. My sweet husband called me while I was writing this. He is saving the day! He really is my hero and prince charming rolled up into one. We live with Fed Ex all around us. It will leave my house tonight. There that high's back!

Do you love the roller coaster or hate the roller coaster that is life? ...Yes. At least it keeps things interesting.

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Missy said...

I am sick and tired of the Roller Coaster!

If every Parent had to endure the Adoption Red Tape to "have" a child, our population would be LOW!!!

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