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Monday, November 15, 2010

Bria's Birthday

About four months ago, two months before her actual birthday, I promised Bria a Lady Bug party. I finally came through... one month and one day late. This started getting busy just before Bria's birthday...for everyone. It just hasn't stopped. I finally found a couple of hours on a Saturday to have a few little ones over for a true Lady Bug Party.
 This was probably my favorite part. I was rushing doing everything last minute. I asked Ray to make little cards for the food. We had Buggers (little cheese burgers) and Kooky cocoons (appetizers wrapped in puff pastry). There was snail slime (guac) and nectar (lime dip for fruit and vanilla wafers). Ray came up with the Dung Beetle Dip (Hummus). If no one else enjoyed it, I giggled. How could I forget? Arleigh and Hanan made Ants On A Log.
 I made a Lady Bug cake. The truth is, Grandma deserves just as much credit for the cake. While I was making 1,000,000 red stars, she was upstairs cleaning with the girls. For some reason, they jump to clean up for Grandma. Bria was standing on my toes. That made finishing much, much easier.

Did I mention Grandma was here? This is a busy season for her work. She is trying to sell a spec house on top of it. She is constantly hosting something. In fact, there will be a birthday party for at least 50 at her house this weekend, but she still came for Bria's party. We are forever grateful. Plus, she really did clean my upstairs. Now, if I could find a party to have just before I need to deep clean this house...
 We also made dirty lady bug cupcakes in case adults didn't want red icing. The lady bug cake tasted much better.
 Bria was really, really excited about her presents. Really. You can't really tell in this picture but Hanan was just as excited. I recently made the girls clean out their playroom and send some things to good will. New toys are a hit!
We ended the party with Bria having both Lady Bug Cake and Lady Bug Cupcake and her hands digging through her ice cream. I think Claire might be wondering how she's getting away with it when her mother is standing right there.

We played Pin the Dot on the Peek A Bug (Bria's name for her favorite creature).

We played Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Bumble Bee instead of duck duck goose. Luckily no one was stung.

I think everyone had a great time. It was cleaned up so fast. Again, thanks Grandma! The girls were off playing with the toys. I wish all parties went as well as this one did.

The other thing I want to remember is... Bria got 2 Rapunzels. One of the mothers kept trying to give me the receipt. I told her there are 3 girls in this house, we wouldn't need one. I was right. Those Rapunzels have been loved. Hanan and Arleigh, but mostly Hanan have been playing with them whenever they can sneak them away from Bria. Apparently Rapunzel has an evil twin. Who knew?

Happy Birthday Bria! We love you!


The Driskells said...

She's looking more like a little girl every day and losing that "toddler-ness"! Happy Birthday Bria! The party looks like it was lots of fun to plan and do! Brandi you get points for your creativity!

Missy said...

TOO cute! LOVE the Cake!
Happy Birthday!

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