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Monday, November 1, 2010

Because It's Monday...

Thought I would redo an old Because It's Monday post, you know, because it's Monday...

Because it's Monday...and I was horrifically sick this weekend, I have about 423 loads of clothing to wash.

Because it's Monday... and I ran a 5K with my sweet dear husband this weekend and because he was home for a bit this morning, I ran again, much, much slower than I ran the race.

Because it's Monday...I'm starting to panic about that half. I'm thinking it may be my first and last half.

Because it's Monday...I got out my cook for your family for $75 a week and promptly spent $115 at Wal-Mart... Because it's Monday...not because I can't stick to my list or that I think that book is probably way outdated.

Because it's Monday...and Ray is back in our old home town reliving glory days with college professors and speaking to a group of young, doe-eyed college kids, I can tell you this story...

A few years ago, Ray was deployed to Iraq. He was there when things were bad. Things were so bad, I try not to know everything. That's all a blog for another day. A friend of the family who was engaged and living in home with her parents and 10 other siblings, offered to house sit for us. It seemed to be the perfect fit. She stayed with my elderly dog and brought in the mail for me and she got her own space with free cable and a great house for a New Year's party. Again, that's a post for another time. It was almost Christmas, I got to Ray's parents with a two-year old and just turned four-year old. I get a phone call from my clearly panicked house sitter. The conversation went something like this...

"Brandi, I think a terrorist knows where you live. Should I leave or call the police?"
"Calm down. Why do you think a terrorist knows where I live?" I hope I managed to sound calm but I think I was probably thinking something like thank goodness I'm in the middle of no where for once.
"A man called. He sounded Arabic. His name is Basaam."

At that point, I doubled over in laughter. I wish I had a recording of his voice. Ray's absolute favorite professor is from Lebanon. Every Christmas he calls our house, "Hello..." "This is Basaam. How are you?" I love that man. He does sound scary on the phone. If you knew him, you would know just how funny this story really is, though I'm thinking it might not read so well.

Because it's Monday...no Mom, I haven't downloaded the Halloween pictures yet.

Because it's Monday...after Halloween, I'm pretty sure I've gained 5 pounds and there's approximately 15 pounds of candy sitting on my counter.

Because it's Monday... I can't decide which makes me happier, Hawaii 5-0 or Castle. Either way... Eye Candy! Ooops. Sorry Ray. (Like you aren't checking out Beckett.)

Because it's Monday... I took all three into a Girls' Scout meeting and immediately regretted it. I had a talk with Arleigh about how to treat another little girl with special  needs. I never thought I would have to have that conversation with Arleigh, with Bria... okay. It was a rough night in our house. I have to say I'm a bit concerned about the dynamic of her troop. I'll save it for another day.

Because it's Monday and the girlies are in bed and Ray's on his way home... I'm off to enjoy my hour of peace.

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