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Friday, October 29, 2010

What Would You Do?

Things have been crazy around here. We were traveling three weekends in a row. We're home in time for Halloween and all the fall festivities that surround it. There have been parties, room activities and girl scouts is quite possibly going to be the death of me. I'm glad that Arleigh takes it in stride when I tell her we can't possibly do everything.

Last night, things slowed down to a crawl for me. I stopped thinking about the Friends Day at church and what I will make for the pot yuck pot luck. I didn't think about the sheets that need to be washed for our weekend's house guest or the floors that need to be mopped before this morning's play date. There were bigger things on my mind and prayers in my heart.

Here's the deal. We've been reading books about well, what God might really expect for us to do while we're here on earth. I'm coming to realize that pew sitting might not be high on His list. Giving to others, helping the poor and oppressed is probably a bit higher. I'm not talking about writing a check either. I'm talking about sacrificial giving of ourselves and our time.

Some friends of ours are reading the same things we are and we seem to be in a constant state of talking about what we can do. I like that Francis Chan says, "Just do what the Bible says. If God wants to get your attention, He will." So we've tried to start doing just that. Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we fail. We can only try. As we start trying to do what the Bible says, I find myself wondering when or if God will try to get my attention about something bigger. You know, like adoption because clearly I heard that one. Sometimes I think that's big, sometimes I think it's the least we could do. Anyway... as usual...I digress.

Last night, one our friends said that she and her husband stopped and talked about what their biggest dream for ministry would be. If nothing was out of the question, what would you want to do? Where would you go? Who would you help? As we were talking, I asked what she said. We do have children, 7 between us, who sometimes need their mothers so we didn't finish the conversation. We agreed to tell each other what our dream ministry would be. So I thought. I prayed. I asked Ray what his would be. I love it when we're on the same page. He had the exact same deer in the headlights blank stare that I had.

This blog being my journal and all, I wanted to record this. I thought all night about my dream ministry. I prayed for God to show me what His dream for me would be. I'm officially at a loss.

My first thought was several acres in Guatemala with a home for pregnant teens and their babies. I don't know why my thoughts always go back to Guatemala. I've never even been there. Then as I talked to Ray, I realized, I don't know where my heart is. Maybe I want to be based out of the U.S. working for a group that will let me travel all over the world on missions. Do I really want to limit myself to one place?

Then I started thinking of all the women I know of...through blogs... who are living their dream mission. The first that came to mind was Kristen. After traveling to Kenya, her heart was broken. She's building a home, a Mercy House for pregnant teens in Kenya. She's written a book to help support the house. There is also an etsy site where purchases help fund it. She's given sacrificially to live her ministry dream.

I thought about Kelly. She's amazing. She started a nonprofit here that is helping domestically and globally. She's a busy mom living her ministry dream everywhere.

I can't talk about women who live their ministry dream without mentioning Katie. She is just a baby. I think about myself at her age and cringe. I couldn't take care of myself without help. She is living in Uganda. She has 13 daughters. She feeds so many and cares for so many. I can't say enough about her and her words are far more eloquent than mine.

Then there is Carrie. She found her heart broken in China. She lives there now. She is pregnant with her first child. She and her husband are volunteers at a foster home. She has an amazing story that is worth reading.

I also thought about Stefanie. She is part of Wild Olive. Wild Olive makes the greatest t-shirts with verses on them. They are so soft and so cute. I love them and if anyone is reading this... they make wonderful Christmas presents. Ahem... she and her friends had a dream of women sharing their faith and spreading the gospel so they wrote it out on shirts. She didn't stop there. She also the U.S. director for An Orphan's Wish. She's part of No Hands But Ours. She has also adopted 5 children from China and she's in the middle of adoption number 6 rounding the total number of children to 10. I shall never complain about busy-ness again.

I couldn't have this list without mentioning Gwen and Suzanne. They are ordinary TN moms doing extraordinary things through their 147million orphans business. By ordinary I mean Suzanne is the mom on 7, three of her children are adopted. She has been there done that domestically and internationally. You must read the story of Josie Love's adoption. Gwen is Mom to 6. She also has amazing stories. They help support Katie in Uganda. They sell beads and clothing and other things that go right back to help people help themselves in a place where that seems nearly impossible. Since I mentioned Christmas...147 gear also rocks!

So last night, I thought about all these people and all that they are doing. I thought about what I want to do. What would my ministry dream be? Oh. My. Goodness. I think it would involve children. I know it would involve my children. I think about the days like yesterday... two school appointments...getting ready for the class non party party today...trying to pick up behind a three year old tsunami...make time to run... still do a couple loads of laundry so I don't get behind on Mount Washmore... I feel like some days I'm in over my head as it is. Then I realize I'm not. I can have a big ministry dream. I haven't been anywhere to really know who my heart is breaking for because it breaks all over. Yes, I know I can do right where I'm at. I think I am a little. Probably not enough, but I don't want to toot my horn or be that as seen by men guy. Right now, we're talking about the big dream.

What is it? It's orphans. That much I know. When I figure out the rest... I'll let you know.

I want to know. Really I do. Leave a comment. What is your big ministry dream? Maybe we can work it out together.


heidi said...

I want to be a foster parent/adoptive parent for older kids. The ones that get left behind in the system. I want to show them what a family is and what love is before they get too sour on it all. I want to be their safe place.

Good luck to you in your ministry. :-)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I think mine would be children as well. They touch the heart like nothing else. i am not sure in what capacity, possibly a teaching role, reading, or who knows. Great dreams!

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