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Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Thoughts...

Just wanted to get a few things out of my brain before we hit the road again. We're off to see Ray's cousin, Jason get married this weekend. This is such a busy season for us right now. I don't want to forget all the things we're dealing with that are good and bad.

I'll start with the llama. I was asked. There was a potty trained llama in the nursing home that my mother was visiting. I forgot to ask if he was there again yesterday. She said he was the most beautiful llama she's ever seen which makes me wonder exactly how many llamas my mother has been up close and personal with. She was particularly fascinated with his eyelashes. Apparently this llama visits nursing homes because it has been potty trained, must live in doors, and will climb in the back of a mini van and lay down for the ride. I'm hoping to bump into the llama on one of our summer visits.

Arleigh just made this really cool tee pee for a class project. I love that she even made a campfire inside.

Then we had to go to Target to add a horse. There were no Indians. Unfortunately, there were only little green army men. I guess it's politically incorrect to have cowboy and Indian sets.

 Three is way worse than two. I'm talking about the age and stages of a toddler's life. Enough said.

 In case you're wondering, she's yelling "Stop Mama!" She didn't want another picture taken.

Sometimes, I think when parenting Bria things seem so hard, it makes you appreciate the good so much more. 

Our dear sweet social worker is apparently on the last sentence of our home study. She's left town again... for a week. All I can say is with all these delays, this boy must be some kind of special. I can't wait to meet him.

The big girls are struggling with the social atmosphere at school. It is difficult to watch. I get angry. In fact, I'm a little bitter just thinking about it. They are learning to maneuver around it. I'm proud of watching them handle things with dignity and grace. Some days go better than others.

If you are considering adoption and google brought you here, read this. Suzanne is far wiser than I am. I hope I can learn from her experiences. Too often we jump up and down for one type of orphan or one type of need. I'm sorry. I have been guilty of that too. They all deserve a home and a family.

Just because I can't put up a post with pictures of Bria and pictures of Arleigh and then leave Hanan out... here she is...


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Dude! I saw a llama this weekend too! I'm guessing since it was outside it was not potty trained. Which is probably normal for a llama. Hope the weekend was great! Cute pics of the girls!

Together We Save said...

A llama at the nursing home? That is so odd. I love your daughter's class project BTW.

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