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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our little Lady Bug girl had a birthday yesterday. It's hard to believe that she's three! The time flies right by...

She clearly has third child syndrome. It's okay. She'll just think her birthday is celebrated over a month instead of one day of the year. We have been so busy, I can't find a weekend to have a party for her. Last weekend she had a mini party with Grandma, Grandpa, Tye Tye, Aunt Julie and her sisters while we were off at homecoming. Yesterday she took cupcakes to school. It was also the day the Firefighters came. I'm pretty sure she thought they showed up just because it was her birthday. Last night we went out for our family birthday dinner. It happened to be kids' night at Texas Roadhouse. Ray and I were have with the $1.99 kids' meals. Bria was happy with her huge balloon birthday hat, Andy the Armadillo and being the star of the show in their birthday saddle. I think even though she hasn't had her official party yet, she was pretty pleased. I'm going to be in trouble when that hat pops though. It even has a giant panda attached. Soon she'll have her very own lady bug big girl party.

Don't think we let things slide. She has had presents from everyone, including sweet items regifted by her sisters. She got her very special "peek-a-bug" pillow pet, Tinkerbell figurines and a new wagon for the zoo is in the mail. She's making out considering she hasn't even had a party yet.

Bria is our most adventurous and most spirited child. Over the weekend we were reminiscing our college days. As Ray was reminding me how many times I went down a particular road on the back of his motorcycle, I told him he shouldn't mention it. We have three girls and I can't imagine them acting the way I acted in college. I then decided that Arleigh would probably never have anything to do with a motorcycle. Hanan will probably be hanging on riding behind some boy. Bria will want her own motorcycle. It's just their personalities.

Bria gives me a run for my money, especially lately. She whines to get her way. She has mini fits. She always wants something and often forgets to use her manners. She's constantly bothering her sisters. She is always into some kind of trouble. She is also the first to show you a sweet smile. She recognizes when we're upset and immediately works to fix it. She smiles big. She goes from the second she wakes up in the morning until the second she passes out tonight. She may have only been around for the last three years but we sure can't imagine life without Bria.

We love you Boo Boo!


The Driskells said...

Happy Birthday sweet Bria! You are a doll and your spirited personality fits you perfectly! Can't wait to see the wonderful little girl, young lady, and then woman you blossom into!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Happy Birthday to Bria! She sounds so wonderful, and so much like the female version of Asher! Making out like a bandit on gifts, huh? Go Bria!

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