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Monday, October 4, 2010

Icelandic Soup

One of my favorite things about Iceland was the soup at Cafe Duus. I miss it still. There were bread bowls full of piping hot creamy soups all the time. Chicken Soup and Cream of Asparagus were my favorite. While we were there, Ray wrote his own recipe. It was pretty simple. It's still good, but I've come up with my own version. Maybe instead of Icelandic Soup, I should call is Trash Can Soup. It might be more appropriate.

I thought I'd share it with you... I'm no pioneer woman and I didn't bother to edit any of these pictures...
Start with a stick of butter.

 Then chop water veggies you love in your soup or are starting to wilt in your crisper. That would be why I could call it trash can soup. We like celery.
 Red or sweet bell pepper. I don't think I would use a green one.

 Of course, onion.
A course chop works nicely. I'm Gordon Ramsey's worse nightmare. It won't matter later that they aren't perfectly the same size.
Season with salt.
 Course chop some chicken too. I happened to have about 5 breasts that I needed to use up.

 Then some tomato paste... some canned diced tomatoes. The tomato paste was part of Ray's original. The diced tomatoes are not. I like them. I guess I'm saying they are optional.
Oh...don't forget to throw in some chopped garlic...to taste. This is not a precise recipe.
Then tarragon, at least a teaspoon. I know it's alot but it helps with that touch of Iceland.
Put in the big box of broth. I know, it's alot of soup you can freeze it but you won't have to because you'll want to finish it. 

These pictures are making me crazy. Now I know why Bria says that all the time. I swear I don't know how professional bloggers do it. Add some wine. I happened to have a white. Sometimes a good sherry works better but whatever you have. It's a little harder to come by here in the south. I can't get my wine at Wal-Mart anymore. 
After it cooks on low for the better part of the day... add cream. You can add it to taste but for my big old pot, one pint is required.

Then I get my little handheld whizzer thing out. It chops and dices everything so be careful if you want bigger bites of veggies. I hit the soup a couple of times and here it is, ready for a big old bread bowl. 

This is my ultimate comfort food if I fix it in a bread bowl. I love it all winter, of course with all that butter and cream, I wait for the days that I really need it.

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The Driskells said...

Looks super yummy and cozy! Any suggestions for what to use if you don't have a handheld whizzer thing?

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