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Friday, October 8, 2010

Avoidance Is Working

The next few days coming up are hard for me. They always will be hard for me. Always. Those days in the back of my mind.

It's okay. We're in a new place. Certain reminders aren't there. Today I'm grateful for this great big house to clean. The bags to pack. The clothes to worry over. The friend who stopped by for coffee who had no idea she was in my avoidance plan. I didn't either so it's totally great for both of us.

It's been two years. I still have moments when I wonder what our lives would be like if she were here. She's not. I guess in two years we've had some form of acceptance. The big girls are starting to forget. Bria has no idea why I'm crazy person so close to her birthday. I'll find time to hide and cry today so they won't know and then we're off.

We're packing the car. We're going to Murray for the first homecoming since we graduated such a long time ago. Sadly, we aren't as excited as we'd like to me. I don't understand why everyone isn't showing up just because we're coming home. (kidding...sort of...) At this point, a navy ball with new friends staying at the Peabody and Beale Street is sounding better than it did a month ago. I'm sorry we're missing it.

So the bags are packed. I'm managing to avoid everything. Except for the other sweet friend who always remembers. Thank you for your call. You know who you are. You always make me feel better. Just to hear a message warmed my heart. I wish we were closer. Those darn detailers need to learn that you should never separate sisters of the same heart. (Ray are you listening?) Besides, if we don't get them together how are Bria and Zoe going to be best friends? How on earth is Luke supposed to fall for Hanan if they never meet. Jake and Arleigh should be at school together somewhere because if there was ever a girl that would keep that Shark boy in line, it's her.

So we're off to concentrate on a time long before two years ago. Hopefully catch up with old friends and have a really great time. I plan on stealing my daughter's point and shoot so there should be pictures. Tonight we will be those old farts that I made fun of in college. We will be those people reliving 15 years ago. Was it that long? Everything seemed so full of possibilities then. While I think about it, some doors have closed but so many more have opened. Enjoy your weekend. Hug your kids a little tighter while your at it too.

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Lisa said...

Been thinking about you. Saying a prayer for you all.

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