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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

I couldn't find a picture that I wanted to use for a "Wordless Wednesday." I was thinking last night, there are about 1,001 things that I want to say. It seems I don't have time to set down and post every time something pops in my head. I can't imagine why... I'm not sure when I will find time again this week. So.... here's a week's worth of posts in one.

Yesterday, I made three lunches, wiped up as much toothpaste as I could and fixed myself up enough for a picture. I printed parent letters for Hanan's class because somehow I got suckered into being the room mother. I finished up and printed directories for Hanan's class. I took the last of the copies of our paperwork for the homestudy down to Germantown. I had my visa picture taken, did the grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, remembered to buy training wheels for a bike that was sweetly given to Bria and put them all away. I forgot to eat lunch. I went for a run just before I had to pick Bria up. I remembered to get her paperwork and pay for her school and tried not to sweat too much on either. I found out Bria didn't have a nap. I spent a half hour trying to get her to lie down for 20 minutes before I needed to pick up the other two. I heard how I had ruined Arleigh's life because I forgot to buy her recorder. I came home and saw that the bread didn't rise in the bread maker. My potatoes were too spicy and it took to too long to get dinner on the table. I made sure everyone got baths and did their AR reading. I heard my mother say that if they study math facts 10 minutes every day it works. We tried. We went over presidents while we were at it and spelling words. The kitchen was picked up. Everyone was in bed. I saw finished folding laundry. Why is it when you look around at night when it's quiet, you forget everything that happened and only see the floor that needs to be mopped, the pink mold popping up on your shower floor and the laundry that didn't get put away?

My running has hit a wall. Enough said. First race in two weeks. Let's all say a prayer.

Ray was horrified that I added $10 to the cell phone bill because I went over my texting limit. Whoops. There's a limit... Anyway, he spent Labor Day weekend trying to find a way to text for free. He found one. Then I got a text from a friend saying we need to get together. That usually means on the days that our youngest aren't in school. I sent her a text back. "I can't tomorrow. I have to go to the base to pick up a script or I could have more kids than you." Then I realize I getting accidental texts from her husband that were supposed to go to my husband. Whoops. I guess he knows I need birth control.

Some days I think I might be going through an early menopause then I realize how high Ray has the thermostat set.

Hanan has her first crush. He's a cutie too. I can't blame her. I also can't blame her father for being horrified. They are growing up way too fast.

I'm pretty sure Arleigh grew 3.5 inches last week. Lucky for me, so did her attitude.

I ate meat again. Bacon on a breakfast sandwich. It was still tasty. I still can't eat it often. Seeing cows at every turn over the weekend didn't help me get over Food Inc. The smell of chicken houses was even worse. My mother is still not eating meat and blaming me for every second of it.

I love, love, love the smell of a tobacco barn firing. It was worth going home labor day weekend just to smell it. I'm ready for hoodies and tailgates and football and leaves changing and wait for... 80 degree weather because this still in the 90's business is killing me.

I need to get back to Mount Washmore and that pink stuff on my shower floor. Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Don't worry about the running and the wall, it will pass. It is mostly a mental thing and all runners hit it at some point! Now...want to be MY room mother?

prernatutors said...

hi i like the blog very much.

Together We Save said...

So funny that your texts got mixed up! Oh well, at least it is a good friend.

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