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Sunday, September 12, 2010


So Ray is out of town... this time for pleasure. He's at a Titan's game with his brother. While he's been off, playing golf and pool and watching football let me tell you what I was doing...

Last night, I was still climbing out of a migraine stupor but I made it to a weekly Bible study, kids in tow. I begged Arleigh and Hanan to watch out for their sister. They did. For a bit. Halfway through the lesson I hear, "I need help!I need help! I need help!" said just like that in quick succession about 153 times. I walk around the corner to see Bria on the stairs under a doll stroller. "Yes, my friend, you do need help and so do I..."

Bria is in a true toddler phase. She wants what is hers. She wants what is everyone else's. She wants it now or better yet, 3 seconds before she even decided she wants it. If she decides she wants to share, it's okay but if anyone else asks or forces her to share, not so much. This doesn't go over well... anywhere.

I got home last night and was reminded about the pot yuck after church. Let's face it, this is Memphis, there is really nothing pot yuck about it. It's pretty much a guarantee that I will overeat. After I overeat, I'll have banana pudding and cake. Problem is, I was at the tale end of my grocery list... what to fix? Crock pot BBQ chicken it is. I didn't get any. I'm really not sure if it was any good but it was gone. I almost baked a cake, then I decided it was just us girls, I could run into the store on the way.

I get up. Rush, rush rush... breakfast... Rush, rush, rush...3 heads of hair done... Rush, rush, rush...dresses and shoes are on... Rush, rush, rush, I think I'm ready make up hair and all. Rush, rush, rush, pack the church bag. Rush, rush, rush, load the car and speed off to the store.

We get out of the car. I have oodles of time to spare. Just as I'm patting myself on the back, I notice them...bright blue panties under an off white dress. Is there such a thing as neon blue? How I didn't notice them before, I have no idea. Oh crap. What to do? My plethora of time was quickly dwindling. Grab a cake and a bit of caffeine. Throw everyone back in the car, rush home... change panties... rush to church. Someone has to drop off the pot yuck supplies. Someone needs to take Bria to the bathroom. Where is my husband again? Oh yeah, let's let Facebook remind me. His status says, "Go Titans!"

All of that was before 9 a.m. It just went down hill from here. It's pretty bad when you leave church wondering where the bourbon is and if it would be inappropriate to shoot a highball in the middle of the afternoon.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Ah, gotta love the age Bria is at don't you? And Pot Yuck? Hilarious! I always overeat too.

Cheeseboy said...

Oh, your husband owes you BIG TIME when he gets home. You are such a cool wife.

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