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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Laundry

With three girls, a husband who PTs just about every day and wears a uniform to work, a giant lab who sheds everywhere, and me thinking it might be a good idea to take up running, we accumulate a small mountain of laundry almost on a daily basis, commonly referred to as Mount Washmore. Add to that one daughter in particular who fancies herself a fashionista and changes clothes at least three times a day, even when she's in school for 8 hours a day... you see what I'm getting at.

So a few days ago, I'm folding a load of light clothes in my room when I noticed something. (I graciously put away the unmentionables and running clothes before I took this picture.) ...An extrememly small pile for the fashionista.
So, there's Arleigh's pile on the far left. Bria's pile is on the far right. Hanan's (AKA the fashionista's) pile is in the middle.

You might say with the amount of laundry I do on a daily basis, especially since today is bedding day, that I should be hugging Hanan, placing a cape on her shoulders and parading her around the neighborhood. I might be inclined to agree on some days but the fact is, this means one of three things.

  1. These were light clothes. In the past, Hanan has been known to go through phases that we call Goth periods. They aren't pretty for any of us. She just turned 8. I really don't want her asking for purple hair and biker boots anytime soon. This could mean I'm looking at piles and piles of dark clothes in my future.
  2. Hanan can be easily distracted when she isn't particularly interested in doing something like, I don't know, cleaning her room or putting away laundry. This could mean I need to start the search for a hidden pile of clothes, both dirty and clean. This could possibly make my head explode so I need to be prepared.
  3. The third and possibly best option is that Hanan is wearing both her sister's clothes in an effort to not have to work quite so hard. Yes, she can manage sometimes to even get Bria's size 4's on her tiny butt. If that's what she's doing, I applaud her ingenuity because frankly, I get distracted when it comes to housework too.
As I type this, I've found no extra piles of clothes. There hasn't been an unusual pair of dark clothes. I've even checked her drawers to make sure she isn't putting dirty clothes back in. I think number 3 is our answer. Now, I wonder if I can get my fat butt in Ray's uniform since he washes and irons those?

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Those are all hilarous reasons! I love that she squeezes in Bria's clothes!

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