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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Hide Away

We talked for weeks about what to do over Labor Day weekend. I never like to plan vacations. Ray usually plans everything. I go along for the ride. I think it must be frustrating. We were talking about driving down to Oxford. It's football season. I wasn't sure my girls were old enough to appreciate The Grove. I would though, just once...without littles. There is something about getting all dressed up, chandeliers in the trees, glasses and real forks for tailgating... but I digress.

We decided to go to Kentucky. I didn't want to plan anything with anyone. We really didn't even tell anyone we were coming. We did warn Grandma.

So you know... I started this post earlier today. I opened it up to add pictures. I had to fix dinner and you know, spend time with the kids. I was going to carefully tell you how we went for mule rides, had Grandpa take us out to cut down cane and clean it. Then we made fishing poles. The girls caught record numbers of fish all weekend. All that to pictures. Throw in Ray and the brother-in-law enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap. Then there were the homemade biscuits. The fact that we decided we were having so much fun, we stayed an extra day, all set to pictures.

Cut to, I can't move the pictures around. If Grandma doesn't see pictures soon, the world might come to an end and I have other things to move on to. I have other posts running through my head and other things on my mind. I'm sorry the pictures weren't divided out into the post. At least they're there... you know at the end. Have a good night. I'm off to bed.

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