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Monday, August 23, 2010


Probably close to a year ago I ordered some books. I didn't order this.

It came with an overnight order. I called the company and told them I had it and who should I send it to? They told me to keep it. I hadn't heard about it. I picked it up and thought how funny, God must really want me to read this. I handed it to Ray. I asked our small LIFE Group to study it. If you are receptive, it will change the way you think. I think everyone should read the luke warm chapter multiple times, or maybe it's just that I should.

After Crazy Love, I moved on to...
I made me reconsider not just my biological children, but all children everywhere. I handed it to a friend of mine here in Memphis. We started talking about what we could do. I confess, I haven't gotten anywhere with that yet.

Then, because of another blog I read, I started to listening to David Platt's "Radical" sermon series. Oh my. So when this came out... I was in line to get it first.

I can't forget this one either...

It was worth every second it took me to read it. It makes you think about the Holy Spirit in a much different way. 

I've read a couple of other books in between. I shamefully admit that I jumped on the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo bandwagon. Although, it was good. After these other books, I didn't run out to get the next one.

I read this book by the Tuohys.
Of course, I read The Blind Side before anyone heard of the movie. I watched the movie. One of my favorite memories was walking out of that movie with good friends. They were laughing, shaking their heads and she looked at me and said, "You guys are those people." I'm not sure if she meant it as a compliment because there are tons of things to not really like about Leigh Anne and the way she speaks to other people. I'll take it. This book is not showy or flashy but it gives great insight into the things people can be doing for kids here and now. It's worth reading.

So after this reading list, it's been hard for me to reconcile some things. I can't believe how much thought I've put into replacing m hair straightener. What on earth? Then this weekend, I went to pick Hanan up from a birthday party. I came home saying, "Ray, I loved that house. I was so nice to walk in and see the colors and the furniture. It made me miss being  in a house I own." Oh my. It apparently didn't sound right to him. Suddenly this monster house we live in isn't enough. It is. More than we need...

So, after reading these books. What's next? What do we do? Do we downsize? Do I deprive my kids? Is it really deprivation?

Have you read any or all of these? What did you think? Did anything change for you when it was all done?

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Thena said...

I have read In A Heartbeat, and have watched The Blind Side numerous times. Love the story behind it. I would love to be in their position to be able to reach out to children less fortunate.

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