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Friday, August 6, 2010

 I have to take a second and tell you about our last trip. A friend of ours passed away when we were in college. He went to high school with Ray. I went to church with him when I was growing up. He was diagnosed with liver cancer. When he passed away, a scholarship fund was created in his name. Last year, they decided to start holding golf tournaments to raise money. Ray was excited to get to participate and see some of his buddies. He and his brother were part of a foursome and in spite of the fact that he hasn't played in years, they came in third.

While Ray was playing golf, mom and I took the girls to Paducah to the riverfront. We met Tye and Julie at an Argentinian restaurant to celebrate Tye's birthday and my birthday. It was fabulous. I can't believe how much meat I ate. Ray's brother stayed with us at Mom's and they took the boat out on the pond for a ride at dusk. Before it was over the big girls were mad because Ray was splashing them with pond water.

The next day we made the trip to IL. It was so hot, I didn't get many good pictures. My camera lens would fog up and by the time I got it fixed, everyone was so hot, we were going back inside. We got Nana and Papa's new toys, like a new mule...
 I had a wonderful ice cream birthday cake. (Thank you again it was delicious!)
 The girls enjoyed camping out in Nana and Papa's cool camper. I think it was a big highlight of their trip. Ray and I couldn't help but joke, the camper was a rockin' but you could come knockin' because it was the kids walking. We couldn't believe how much you felt that thing move because of such little bodies.
The other highlight of the trip was a visit to see Ray's grandpa. He's been in a rest home for several years. Tucker was with us because we were headed home. Ray's grandpa loves dogs. I'm sorry I didn't have my camera ready to see his smile when he got to pet Tucker for the first time. 

In an effort to keep things real... the lowlight of the trip was the little hissy fit I had. I was trying to do too much. We stopped for a picnic lunch with fast food on our way out of town because Tucker was with us. The girls grabbed their bags. Ray grabbed Tucker. I was left with the drink carrier, Tucker's water and getting Bria out of the car. As I was getting out and turning around to get Bria, I dumped the entire large size drink into the car. I was a little irritated, right or wrong, for multiple reasons. Didn't make for a pleasant picnic.

Overall it was a fabulous trip. We've burned up the road this summer and now I'm ready for a regular schedule again.

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Lisa said...

I love Bria's pants in the top picture! She is too groovy.

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