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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Got Milk?

So, in an effort to document our family life, it's time for me to remember that this is the point in time when things shifted for us. Right about now is when our diet is completely changing. I guess I need to remember that in 2010, we became "Those People." I tell Ray that we need shirts to wear in public that say, "Yes, We Are Those People!"

I've mentioned, I don't like hydrogenated oils. High fructose corn syrup makes me cringe. I was trying to weed out processed foods. We sort of rolled our eyes for a while at the people in our lives who told us to eat organic. I wash our vegetables. I even wash our meat. I figured between cooking and washing, I was getting the chemicals off.

Two weeks ago, my mother watched Food Inc. with us. Then we watched Supersize Me. In my mother's words, "Durn Brandi! You ruin everything!" We now buy alot of organic everything.

A few years ago, I couldn't imagine buying organic milk. When I was little, the highlight of my month was being at a friend's house after church on a Sunday night. He drove a milk delivery truck for Turner Industries. He would let us climb up in that giant refridgerated truck and pick out our own single serving carton of chocolate milk. That was heaven. I grew up not liking milk. I still don't unless it's in a single serve chocolate carton and comes with a chocolate donut from Ropers. Ropers closed several years ago so it's probably been at least that long since I've had a glass of milk.

Let me tell you how bad I was. We had friends who had milk delivered to their home. I love them. They always seemed to be struggling financially so I couldn't understand why they would do that. They were at our house one night and asked if their son could have some milk. I answered, "Sure, but it's not organic. He might get his period early." I thought it was hilarious at the time. Now I'm thinking I need to call and apologize or else there is a special spot in hell waiting for me.

This week I bought organic milk. Yes, I do think that the antibiotics in milk are bad. I think girls are clearly maturing too quickly. I think it's not just the milk but the meat and everything else. I didn't think stopping the milk would help. Then, a corpsman at the clinic was telling me she quit buying it after realizing how much the dairy industry had changed and how much mucus was in the milk. I don't like the taste of milk anyway and this statement had me throwing up in my own mouth, just a little though.

I was talking with yet another all organic milk friend. She explained the cows aren't milked properly because of the industrialized nature of it and they get mastitis just like a human. The puss is getting in the milk. Did you hear me gag again? Yum! Organic milk it is. No puss for the milk drinkers in this house.

We buy most but not all of our veggies from the Farmer's Market. Ray is currently looking for a local butcher. I buy grass fed meat at Whole Foods when we eat it, but frankly, I don't eat much meat anymore at all. By at all, I think I've had it twice when we went out over a weekend.

The food industry and the government amaze me. The control they have is crazy. It would be a good thing if they were using the control to keep us safe. Unfortunately it seems control is only good for lining their own pockets. Meanwhile, our kids are getting fatter. We are getting sicker. The funny thing is, for over three years, living in Iceland, we never paid attention to how different our eating was.

In Iceland, the chickens looked more like the size of a Cornish hen. No growth hormones, little need for antibiotics. They tasted different too but I can't really explain it. We would complain if I had to get chicken in town. They were so expensive and so little and sometimes, there were a couple of feathers left around the rump for me to pluck off. The milk was sweeter and thicker. We had to force Arleigh and Hanan to drink American milk when we would visit. You could see the disgust on their toddler faces. Now I know why.

I won't go on will get off the big soap box in a second. I do want you to know I'm eating crow. I might have been one of those people rolling their eyes, saying whatever works for you. Now, we are limiting processed foods. I still buy whole wheat bread, but I check the ingredients. We still buy snack foods. Again, we check the ingredients. Now, I get mildly aggravated when someone else questions what I'm feed my kids or acts like they are missing out. They are not. Maybe defensive is a better word than aggravated. I'm just thinking that if their is a chemical that was made to turn a liquid (like your blood) into a solid to increase shelf life, why would we want to consume that? I have enough clogging my arteries genetically without adding to it.

We still get popsicles and ice cream. Ray has been making his own ice cream again with the fruit that's a bit too ripe for anything else. They still eat their favorite Mexican foods, but roasted veggies substitute for the meat. We stopped buying soda a long time ago. If I want to give them a treat with their pizza (yes we make that too) I buy Izzie. They prefer it to other sugary drinks. I know Izzy has sugar in it, but no corn syrup!

The most amazing thing is out pickiest eater, isn't nearly as picky anymore. It's almost like she had an addiction to processed food. She eats her dinner most nights without fussing. More times than not, she cleans her plate. They other two who are not picky are usually going back for seconds. The only one I'm having problems with right now is Bria. Her gag reflex has kicked in to certain textures. She eats her veggies. It's pretty funny. She gags twice then swallows and tells me she loves it. Hopefully we'll be over that soon.

Have you had any food epiphanies lately? Tell me that I'm not the only weirdo...PLEASE!!!


Cheeseboy said...

I watched both those movies too. I try and be better, but the problem lies in the stupid friggen' Five Guys a mile from my house. Maybe if they served organic milk there I could justify it?

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Corey and I have been on the same bend for the last few months too! It is funny that we are both doing so at the same time. We have cut back on so much and changed over on lots more. I love the feeling of doing what is better for our bodies!

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