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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Middle Of No Where

You should know, I just offended my mother. Apparently I use words like boonies, back in the sticks and country to describe her house. I think it's her personal complex because we actually love it there. When we are there I'm away from a computer and phone and all the other things and I'm with my girls. I might drop a call here or there. At night I catch up on Facebook from my phone. There is more than one accessible computer. Somehow it's easier to ignore them when they aren't mine.

Here's what I love about being in Kentucky...

On the fourth of July you can pull your pick up truck into a distant relatives yard, even though she's at the lake enjoying the fireworks. You can have a nice visit with her cats. You have a perfect view of the fireworks with no traffic to drive home through. When her mom drives up with her elderly mother to see what's going on in her daughter's yard, you get to scare your kids and tell them hide, "It's the Po Po!" They squeal and get scared for a half a second before the headlights stop blinding them. When the mother of the home owner sees who's there, she acts like it's the most natural thing in the world to see trucks backed up in her daughter's yard and she goes on her merry way.There are parties... birthday parties...fourth of July parties... Tye Tye came for dinner so it's always a party party...
The adults at the parties are more entertaining than the kids. The girls love their Mimmi. Going to her house is always a party.
There are plenty of places to swim. We still haven't jumped in the pond because I have no desire to be finned by a hungry catfish. We swam with cousins at a pool in town and in a blow up pool in the backyard. When all else fails, the sprinklers come on to cool you off. There are plenty of fish to be caught... catfish, bluegill, and even the occasional bass. There are so many, the girls reel them in and the adults, (AKA Grandpa) have a hard time keeping up with throwing them back.It's nothing short of hilarious to watch cousins be introduced to fish out of water. Check out the pics on Facebook because Phia's expressions while she was fishing were a hoot!

The very best thing about fishing is that there is a Grandpa to fish with. He is a master fisherman.
Tea parties and dress up happen at Nana Bonnie's house. There are always excitement when they know they get to go in her secret room.Did I mention the mule rides?
If you are from the city... this bad boy is a mule. He is ridden all the time. As long as the seat doesn't have time to get too hot in the sun, the girls wanted to be going. We put many miles on our mule last week. I'm thinking she needs a name. Most of the time the girls want to see things like this...And horses. Generally every mule ride included Bria insisting on riding until she could count 5 horses. In this heat, horses are put back in their barns. It was okay though. As long as drove in a big circle she didn't mind counting the same horse twice.

I like the wide open spaces of a dirt road and view like this...

Visiting Mom's makes me homesick for the country. I love that I can be at a grocery in less than 10 minutes. I love that there is ready made shopping one exit from my house. I'm not sure how I would feel about living so far from town if it was an every day occurrence. Ray would love it. I always consider buying my own little piece of dirt every time we visit.

In short, this is how we feel about visiting Grandma's. We can't wait to go back. In fact, we'll be there next week.

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Lisa said...

I am feeling the same way about buying my own little piece of dirt. There is just something about turning off the paved road and winding back through a cover of trees to make your soul smile.

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