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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back...For 2 Days

We just got back. No wifi. No laptop. Barely a cell phone signal... It was nice. We'll be here for two days then off to the land of no internet, fishing, horses, cousins, swimming. We are going to milk everything we can out of this hot and sticky weather.

Some of the highlights from our trip...
  • Tubing
  • Swimming
  • Celebrating Hanan's birthday with some redneck toilet paper gift wrap and a homemade cake because the local Wal-Mart a full half hour from where we were staying didn't even have a bakery.
  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • 4 ft long black rat snakes
  • Dry heaving over the smell of a dead armadillo
  • Hiking through caverns
  • Being thankful that someone else dropped their teddy bear in the cavern and it wasn't us.
  • Being "those people"
  • Enjoying some of the greatest friends on earth
  • Having a ball!
Enjoy the random pictures. Of course there are more on Facebook. I'll get back to our regularly schedules blogging soon...maybe...


heidi said...

FUN! Love the cave picture!!!

Navylangs said...

Is that seriously a TP bow? Classic!

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