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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wild Man

On Sunday we went to lunch with a couple of other families. One of my new favorite Mexican places was the venue because I can walk in and say, "Table for 16 please" and they don't look at me like I'm crazy. They do tend to ask how many are mine. In my defense, I had an extra child that day and the line between my girls and the Ward girls is often blurred.

Anyway, I was at one end of the 16. Ray somehow got placed on the other end of the 16. He was also the closest adult who is not a parent to a two year old that I will call Wild Man. Bria was all wrapped up in Claire, her new BFF to infinity so she wasn't interested in Wild Man. He was doing his own thing while the girlies shared cheese sauce and Fanta. I was busy with Bria and Hanan and her buddy so I didn't really have any idea what was happening at the other end of the table unless another Mom was giving me updates.

When we left Ray said, "I just asked if I could give that kid some sugar." I don't think I heard that right. Ray, who rolls his eyes when I let me girls have soda opened a pack of sugar and showed Wild Man how to stick his finger into the pack. Apparently before that he was pouring Splenda in his mouth. Ray said sugar would make him feel better. Other things that happened during lunch... Wild Man drank a bottle of salsa through a straw. (I wouldn't want to change that diaper.) He started shrieking so loud the people sitting in the booth closest to us threatened to move. It's true. I heard them talking about our lovely table. Any other number of things a two year old boy could think of happened.

I thought, he's tired. It's after church. He needs a nap. They are just trying to get through lunch. Poor kid. His sister went home with someone else. He was stuck with all these girls. He just wanted to entertain himself... Then we went to the zoo.

I have never in my life seen anything like him. We used to say Bria is a pistol. If she's a pistol Wild Man is full on TNT. Let's just say I thought I was seriously going to have to pull the child out of the Elephant enclosure. The alligators were also a serious possibility.

You can see Wild Man in that picture in the green between Bria and Arleigh.

While the whole post is true. I really just wanted to post that picture because I love it dearly.

Happy Summer!

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heidi said...

My goodness!! Crazy child! LOL The picture is great, though.

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