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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Weekend

Memorial weekend has come and gone. It's back to the real world now. It was fabulous while it lasted. Ray's parents came down. We packed in as much as we could between the heat and rain storms. A trip to the zoo, playing on the water slide and eating at Gus' Fried Chicken topped the list.

Of course, I realized in the car that we forgot our camera. Ray told me not to worry, he had Arleigh's. It stayed in his pocket the entire time. Nana had her camera out. I'm sure I can grab some pictures off of Facebook later.

We had church eat church on Sunday, also known as worship/potluck/worship. Personally I like the church eat church phrase. Apparently, it can offend some of the sweeter ladies who will probably never read this so church eat church it is here. Anyway, later that evening a few of the families from our "Home Builders" class got together at our favorite park. Of course it looks like it was just us and another family in my pictures because our girls play so well together. Oh well. Yes, between us, there are 7 girls.

Here's Hanan and Ivy and the Fed Ex slide.

Arleigh, Aiden and Ivy on the bridge
The tire swing is a big deal for the big girls...

And then there's Double Trouble. They are partners in crime and inseparable right now. Every morning I hear, "Where's Claire? I see Claire today?" Next year I pity their preschool teacher. They are going to preschool together. It should be interesting.

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