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Thursday, June 10, 2010


  • Today my girls are sad and disappointed on many levels.
  • Today is the first day this week without Vacation Bible School. It ended with a bang or a blastoff last night.
  • Today I've heard the Noah song and I'm in the Lord's Army (Space Style) at least 126 times. I'm really trying to still be a good sport about it.
  • Today we said goodbye to Grandma, Nana Bonnie and Miss Nancy. They were here for 3 days of serious marathon shopping. We had so much fun and it was really hard to say good bye.
  • Today I cleaned gum and Laffy Taffy out of my washer and my dryer. It was seriously nasty in the dryer.
  • Today I mopped up 5 gallons of water out of the girls bathroom floor because Bria decided it would be awesome to flush a roll of toilet paper and a container of wipes. All this happened while our guests were still here. I can only imagine the conversation being held about me on their long ride home.
  • Today, I need to buy a plunger.
  • Today Arleigh has a softball game and I really don't feel like going, but don't tell her.
  • Today I bought a $12 lamb chair for Bria that I already regret. It was used and it already looks dirtier at home. She won't go anywhere without it.
  • Today I already have a post about "Big Mammie" (the lamb chair has a name) brewing in my head. We'll see where it goes.
  • Today I am feeling exhausted with so much to do and I'm not really getting anything done, just running in circles.
  • Today I'm hoping tomorrow looks better.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Girl? You need a massage and bubble bath! You have had quite the day!

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