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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spend Someone's $ For An Orphan

I am losing my mind. I'm sitting here in sweaty running close. Friends will be here in less than two hours. I still need to mop and start the bread dough. I want to tell you something before 4 other children and their parents invade... It's important. Pay attention.

There are a few blogs that I skip over. There are a handful that I read religiously. I read Ni Hao Y'all every time I step into the blogger dashboard. Stefanie has just reached a big 1000 posts.

I want to be Stefanie when I grow up. She is seriously doing things for God's kingdom. She isn't just an adoptive mother. She's part of Wild Olive tees. She also works with An Orphans wish.
An Orphan'sWish
A very sweet friend of mine met Stefanie in China. My friends was adopting her first daughter. Stefanie was completing her fifth adoption. Did I mention we have another bond... her husband is military. She understands our crazy life and keeps doing what she's doing anyway.

In honor of her 1,000th post. Stefanie is donating $1 for ever comment on that post. She's a brave lady. I know how many people read her blog like I do. So head over, spend her money. I will vouch that it is going to a wonderful cause. Jump Now!!!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What a wonderful thing! Of course I will go over and comment!

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