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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

It's Monday. I'm late as usual. I need to say Happy Father's Day to Ray. I'm a slacker. He orders his own combo Father's Day/Birthday gift most of the time. It's in the mail. I did manage to one third of the children awake to get him breakfast in bed. I made his favorite Sunday afternoon lunch, minus the potatoes because I checked the potato bin and thought it was full. It was full...of onions. I did make up for it with some warm balsamic peaches over ice cream later.

Ray is the best Daddy. He plays. He takes one to softball practice and teaches her how to pitch with all the patience in the world. Patience doesn't come easy to either of us. He dances and disciplines. Most of all he puts up with me.

Thanks for being the very best Daddy our girls could ever have. I know just how blessed I am when I watch you with them.

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