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Monday, May 24, 2010

What Will You Tell Your Daughter

Storms again. No internet again. I tried to post pictures of our
weekend this morning. I was in the middle of uploading when our power
went out. That seems to be our new summer storm normal. So this new
normal has me watching the big girls out front with my phone and Bria
napping inside. Since I don't have pictures to upload, I thought I
would ask a question.

I've just finished a very good book about parenting. Part of this book
focused on faith retention. It's staggering to read how many people
walk away from church, even knowing it's happened in my own family. So
I'm considering what Ray and I need to do to make sure our girls don't
become a statistic.

With that thought in mind, some of the young women that we know chose
to turn their backs on God and worship because the idea of submission
to a man is degrading. They feel their status isn't what it should be.

We've been talking about women's roles in the church lately in our
Sunday morning class. I should also tell you that our church believes
that we should try to follow biblical patterns and worship the way the
churches worshipped in the New Testament. That's as much as I want to
say about it now, typing ony phone with my thumbs. Yesterday, I asked
this question...if the first century Jewish woman wasn't allowed to
study unless her husband allowed it or taught her, why are these
directives patterns and not just because of their culture and how do I
explain this to my daughters so that they don't feel demoralized and
turn away from the church?

It sounds simplistic when I write it out. To anyone who isn't a member
of a Church of Christ, it may sound like jibberish or that I've lost
my mind. It is something I think about and pray about as the girls get

Of course, I asked at the end of class. I heard the same answers you
always hear. Those answers make my skin crawl. If a woman is upset
because she feels like she is less than a man hearing that you can't
lead a song service but you can sing to the babies on cradle roll
isn't much comfort.

I've been thinking about it. I've been praying about it. I have my own
idea. I know what I'm going to tell my daughters about their role in
the church. We have muddy softball and my thumbs are tired. So, before
I share I'm asking you...what will you tell your daughters, your
granddaughters, your nieces, the little girls in your Sunday School
class? What will you tell them about their role in the church?

I promise to share my answer if you share yours.

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