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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Siren Song

Being the wife of a sailor, I'm well versed is the Siren of Greek mythology. The beautiful woman with wings who later was viewed as a mermaid, sang a song so sweet no sailor could resist it. They lured sailors to rocky shores where they would surely meet their death. It's a very comforting tale for the wife left at home with the kids for 6 long months. I envisioned beautiful women, some with wings, some with fish tales all glittery and shimmering in the sun just waiting to lure those giant ships on the rocks. Let me say the google images I just looked at were so far off from my own very vivid and possibly disturbed imagination.

This weekend, I got to hear the siren's call. It wasn't beautiful. The sound could also lead to an uncertain destiny. Yes, I'm being dramatic. I had to mention the Greek Siren because for over 48 hours I kept thinking how the two were the same and different. We endured tornado sirens on and off for almost 3 days. Arleigh missed a sleepover with another navy family because the mom couldn't figure out how to get her family and all those little girls in closets, not that I would have let her go at that point anyway.

The sirens are not far from our house. If there is a tornado warning in Shelby County, every siren issues a warning for the duration of the warning which often went on for hours. The first warning was issued because 10 square miles of Shelby County were in danger. That's ten square miles in a county that is 780 something square miles. I know if I had been in those 10 square miles, I would have been grateful. I'm not. Sirens going off in the middle of the night are scary enough for me. Can you imagine if you are 2, 7 or 9? The storms raged. The sirens went off. I wound up at some point asleep with Bria on top of me. Saturday morning at 5 a.m. she was pushing my eyelids up saying, "Wake up Mama! I need breakfast!"

I had Ladies' Day at church. I mistakenly thought the worst was over. We couldn't possibly have more sirens go off. In the middle of brunch, all 75 ladies were rushed into a tiny room...a tiny very warm room. We got through the morning. Ray had the kids in the pantry. I was texting him. There was no power. I got home just in time for all of us to catch a quick nap. The power came back on. Arleigh got to eat dinner and have birthday cake with her friend. Did I mention that I bought a slumber party game as a gift because they are moving this week and she was having a slumber party? Whoops. No slumber party. I guess the game will go with her to California. Arleigh got home. It seemed the storm was over. I swear that night there were sirens going off all night long.

If the sirens were going off, I had the television on to find out where the tornado was. I was afraid to sleep. I was afraid to be too far from the kids. Ray, AKA Mr. I slept right under the planes leaving the ship at sea, was able to sleep. I made it to church, begged for lunch out and then napped all afternoon. We actually saw the sun for a second. It rained again while we were in church that night.

Why was I thinking about Greek sirens all that time? Probably because I was crazy from lack of sleep. I also kept thinking the sound literally lulls you into a trance where you don't hear it anymore. I kept thinking, if we ignore this, we could be in trouble. Clearly, Ray didn't have the same worry. The entire night, I would drift in and out on consciousness worried I wouldn't know if we were really in danger because I would stop hearing the siren. It was just becoming white noise. I felt like the white noise was sending us to the rocks.

Instead, we're blessed. We have a displaced house guest staying until he get into the barracks. We have no damage at all from the storm. Ray has been able to enjoy a couple of days off. Today, he's volunteering on the base trying to help with the clean up process. We are the good sailors that didn't get duped by the siren.

I still say... if there is ever a tornado at 3:30 on a Wednesday, we are in serious trouble because they test that booger every Wednesday at 3:30. I am listening to it right now.

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