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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goings On

I don't really know what happened. It could be that Facebook ate my blog up again. It could be that I just slacked off. It could be that I have not much to say. Really, it's not like me. There is lots running around in my noggin right now. There is so much happening. I have several different posts brewing and no real motivation to hash it out. I think often my sanity requires me to hash it out. I'm somewhere teetering on the edge right now.

In an effort to keep you in the loop and possibly remind myself of all the things I should be writing about, I thought I would give you a quick bulleted update about what's going on around here.

  • School is out Friday... I'm excited to get my girls back. I'm wondering if I need to get end of year gifts since gifts were just handed out for Teacher Appreciation week and group gifts after the awards. I always want to do whatever is appropriate but I'm not sure what to do right now. Gift or no gift and 48 hours to decide.
  • The girls were given Citizen Awards. This deserves it's own post. It's brewing because it brought up questions about what we should reward the kids for based on our family's expectations. I'm still pondering.
  • Yesterday Ray and I celebrated 15 wonderful years of marriage. Again, it deserves it's own post and I'll get to it...later.
  • This morning and old man ran me down at Wal-Mart. He was literally chasing me down the milk aisle. He told me I needed to "take care of that wad." There were 3 stickers hanging from my bum. You may have also seen on Facebook, while I was mortified that Bria's stickers had created some sort of "wad" on my bum and soon began to wonder if I should be embarrassed for the elderly man chasing me through Wal-Mart after staring at my over sized derriere. Just thought you'd want to know things are still normal around here.
  • We are going to fake home school this summer. Another post... I still wonder about the state of the educational system in TN but I'll always wonder.
  • I'm in the middle of reading One Million Arrows at the suggestion of a bloggy friend. It's raising more questions for me. I want my kids to be arrows for God. Heck, I want to think my parents raised me to be one. I want to make sure that they are doing things because they should not because they want something out of it. How do I help them understand that God's work has a much bigger payoff?
  • I'm a little disheartened about something. I want to help make change. I am struggling to know if it's my place. Do you speak up? Maybe I should be more worried about what I'm doing than what other people are doing. There is a fine line between walking the walk and judgment. I'm not really sure where I fall right now. Today I'm praying. Later I might be fasting.
  • If you're interested on the adoption front... everything is on hold until I can see a navy doctor. I'll be seeing one next week. It's been postponed because of me, then because of award ceremonies. Hopefully, once that's done, things can really start moving.
That's it in a nutshell...bullet casing? Anyway, I promise to not stay away so long. I'm getting caught up. I promise.

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