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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Ban Was Lifted And Reinstated Immediately

After 7 long years, I lifted the ban on Caillou. That's right, 7 years ago I issued a command. This week I caved. I'm not sure what it was. I could say it was the splitting headache. It might have been our lack of cable and streaming that Dora episode off of Netflix for the millionth time sounded like a bad idea. Maybe I thought PBS would be educational. That's what there PSAs say. It's the show that is on the half hour before Bria's nap time. It's the perfect time for her to calm down before she's off to bed. Surely it was a combination of all those things that made me think that after 7 years that child would have learned not to whine.

Alas, it wasn't to be. The ban is hereby reinstated. Why? Because Caillou is the only child on the face of the earth that whines more than my children. I was taken in by the red shoes and cute little bald head that should have hair on it by now. Then, like nails on a chalk board he started. His friends weren't playing with him. I wouldn't want to play with him either. He can't sleep in his room alone. So guess who tries to pull that now after watching for 5 minutes. Worse, that sweet little narrator's voice validates every whiney statement that comes out of Caillou's mouth. I swear almost every sentence out of that woman's mouth is, "But Caillou didn't want to..."

I complain all the time about a poor little Hispanic girl who has an absent mother but she's brave and never whines. Stories about what a certain blue puppy wants to do get a bit dry after watching it for the last 9 years. If I watch Sesame Street too long, I see a political agenda. None of those shows are banned. I carry them in my back pocket and whip them out like a gunslinger when a certain two-year old starts to get tired.

Please don't think my only television problems revolve around Bria. Even without cable, we have problems. Big girls want to watch things that aren't appropriate for Bria's little ears. Then they found FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman. They love it. I can stand for little britches to watch it. It's all good. Wait, it was all good until yesterday when a mysterious email hit my inbox. It was from FETCH!. At some point I read, "I'm sorry to inform you that you can't watch FETCH! online. It can however be downloaded from itunes." Any guesses which one of the bigs did it? Me either but I think it's time to change my itunes password.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I cannot read anymore of this post after seeing that C name. Whiny kid.

oh, and on the name poll? My friend named her baby Jackson, but spelled Jaxon- which is cool to nickname as Jax.

Holly said...

I'm a weirdie. No TV...well, when the hubby lives here and is not galavanting around the world as a soldier...he and the big kids watch Am. Idol. But Josiah...gets only Sesame Street...and that JUST started this year.
So I? Have missed all the shows you are talking about. And I? Am not one bit sorry! :)

Karen Luttrell said...

Haha. I hate that kid. I let the boys watch Sprout, but I can only tolerate a few shows. "C" is def not an option. However, I swore I'd never let them watch the Wiggles, but I caved on that.

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