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Friday, April 30, 2010

This Week...

I hope you think it's as funny as I do. If you can't laugh at yourself, you will never have any fun. It would only happy to me. I think I mentioned I had to switch my primary care manager to a doctor on base in an effort to make our homestudy fly right by... they can't see me until May 18th. I think it kind of defeated the purpose of switching. That's our 15th anniversary, an anniversary that will find Ray out of town. Happy Anniversary to me! Some of the labs required for our paperwork take up to 3 weeks to get back. I asked to do my labs early so that hopefully, I can get an notarized signature on the 18th and feel done. On Tuesday, I show up and do my labs.

Wednesday morning brings a phone call that went something like, "Mrs. Stiff, this is lab. How are you feeling?" I'm thinking holy crap what is it? Cancer? I'm feeling just fine, but wait I've been tired. What? Long story made shorter, I have a UTI and very high cholesterol. Crap. They ask me to go to the base and pick up a prescription. I call Ray and ask nicely for him to pick it up. A couple of hours later, while I'm sweaty from trying to exercise and lower that cholesterol I mentioned, I get a call from Ray. The pharmacy won't let him get my prescription. So, I'm off to shower, and to the base in the middle of Bria's nap time.

I get to the pharmacy at the right time. It's the middle of the week and the middle of the day. The base here is over run with retirees. They are very nice to us, but for some reason seem disgruntled with their care and what's available to them. It could also mean a very, very long wait in a pharmacy line since I'm not wearing a military uniform. We've learned, early mornings have them enjoying breakfast at the subway and getting their hair cut while they wait for their medicine. Afternoons are pretty easy.

I go to the window to over hear and lovely conversation happening between the pharmacist and a retiree. Apparently, he was quite angry that he had picked up his medication on Tuesday and wasn't told his pill color would change. The pharmacist was explaining there is no way for her to know the color changed and he should really know the name of his medication and go by that. He replies in a very loud tone, "The name of the medication spits out of your computer. I can't see that. I can see if the pill is blue! You get me?" The pharmacist clearly doesn't know what to say. After a long pause, she says, "Thank you sir. Have a good day." I swear that man left giggling. He drove all the way to the base just to harass that poor lady and have something to do that day. Please remind me when we are retirees to continue to be nice to the people who could slip something in my little pill bottle and make me horribly sick or kill me.

So there I am with no UTI symptoms, downing some antibiotic. Three hours later, I'm flushed, feverish and nauseous just in time for church. I still go. We get home. Arleigh is having a meltdown because she can't find a jacket. The jacket is the sacred vessel holding her silly bands. I sent her to bed crying. She found her jacket and her silly bands the next morning exactly where she swore they weren't, in her backpack. Happy day! All is right with the world. The silly bands are found!

Cut to Thursday... a trip to the dreaded Wal-Mart where I forgot 3 of the main things I was going for. I went for my jog/walk with Bria a bit later. She fell asleep. No nap at home for Bria and I needed to mow. I mowed the back yard while she colored with chalk on the patio. I couldn't get the front yard done without the big girls to help watch. When they got home from school, I went to work. Half way through the front yard, I emptied the bag again and pull the starter on my lovely push mower. That freakin' string pulled right off just as Ray was pulling in, home early to mow the yard.

I was ready to throw the thing out with the trash but my sweet husband fixed it with a new rope and too much time working on it, then finished off the mowing all before dinner...served late of course. Oh, did I mention he came home early knowing I would try to mow and he just knew I would totally mess up the mower putting oil in. I probably did put in too much, no harm no foul until the mower got it's vengeance with the goofy pull string.

Today my symptoms other than the nausea seem to be waining. I'll just have to live with that for a few more days. Bria is obsessed with the Walter the Farting Dog book I'm reading to Arleigh's 3rd grade class this morning. She keeps running around the house screaming, "Dog FAAAARRRRTTTTED! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" I need to get the 3 things I forgot. Is it bad that I'm really hoping softball practice gets rained out tonight? It's the 2 hour practice so it's bound to run 3 hours and I just don't think I can do it tonight. Plus I have 2 breakfast casseroles to make for the Ladies' Day at church on Sat. I also need to figure out what I should wear. My friend Mandy's mother is the speaker thought so I'm pretty excited. Have a great adventure filled weekend, I'm sure we will.

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