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Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Me Monday

I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a week. The best recap I could think of is a Not Me Monday post after the wild and crazy weekend we had. So here goes... If you want to see how crazy other people live, head on over and see all the posts at MckMama's site.

We didn't start the weekend with a visit from the Lee's and Mike and Sharon. My house wasn't so crazy with 4 families having dinner and 2 staying over night that I forgot to take pictures of the adults. Whoops! I would never forget to take pictures of the adults.
I didn't at least grab a camera for the pictures of the little princess club meeting on the top bunk.

I don't have several gratuitous pictures of Bria and Ruth being Bria and Ruth. I won't bother to post them now.The above picture is not by far my favorite "Bria and Ruth." When I showed it it Ray, it took him a second because it doesn't look at all like so many pictures I took of Arleigh and Hanan at the same age. At the zoo, Ruth didn't think the most interesting creature was her shadow sporting piggies. I didn't think this lion was the most interesting creature...

We didn't decide that Asher and Hanan speak some weird language all their own. They don't seem to know how to communicate without ever saying a word. It's not at all spooky.

Grandma didn't come to celebrate her birthday just as the Lees were packing up. We didn't also do Opening Ceremony and meet Tye Tye and Julie for a birthday dinner.
We didn't have to persuade Tye Tye and Daddy to put on hats and pose. Ray is clearly not trying to hide behind a two-year old.

Saturday morning wasn't the Opening Ceremony for the Little League Season in our little town. We didn't love every second of the pomp and circumstance. This is not the best picture of Arleigh that I got from the parade. I'm not disappointed I didn't get a better shot. She was not so excited that she was jumping out of her skin. I certainly didn't let the littles run willy nilly in the grass beside the field while we waited for the parade. Bria didn't almost trip 33 people. We didn't have any idea that it wouldn't start until over and hour after we got there. We weren't at all excited to have Grandma there to watch the parade with us. I didn't let her help me corall the girls. I'm sure she wouldn't rather be home in a comfy bed instead of getting up before the sun came up to be at the ballpark.
Bria didn't sit down on the nasty floor of the restaurant where we were having Mom's birthday dinner, empty out her apples on the floor and proceed to put them all in her pockets. I didn't grab the camera to take a picture instead of telling her it was gross.

If you want to see more pictures of our crazy weekend, you shouldn't jump on over to Facebook!

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heidi said...

It doesn't look like any fun was had, at all. And you don't have cute kids, so there.

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