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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Best Easter Egg Explanation

Before I forgot, I wanted to record a very special Easter memory. Have you ever wondered why we use eggs to celebrate Easter? I've looked up the real reason. I like Arleigh's answer much more.

Last week, we went with friends to the park while we waited for Ray to finish up work for the day so we could head out of town. In the car on the way I overheard the sweetest conversation. Hanan asked Arleigh why on earth we celebrate Easter by hiding eggs filled with candy. Arleigh's answer was nothing short of amazing.

(I'm paraphrasing here but you'll get the point) Arleigh told her sister that it must be because eggs are a symbol for life. We hide the eggs like Jesus was hidden from us in the tomb by death. When we find him, we receive a wonderful gift of grace when we find the egg (life) we get a present. It's supposes to help the kids understand.

My word. That was a much better explanation than I would have given about Christians trying to accept pagan culture into their own celebrations and Russian origins and such. Arleigh said that was just her idea and she hadn't heard it anywhere else. Can you tell I'm one proud Mama?

Our church believes that Jesus' resurrection should be celebrated and remembered every day. People still dress up for Easter. There are still egg hunts but it doesn't get the same emphasis that other churches give it because for us, every day should be Easter. In the need to have happy children, we still celebrate with chocolate and eggs and bunnies and remembering and taking time out to talk about exactly what Jesus went through. Today, I'm so happy to know that at least one of my three seems to know exactly what it's really about. I'm hoping she continues to help teach her sisters.

Now, I need to ask Arleigh about that darn bunny. That's one I was never able to figure out.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a great story from children!

The Driskells said...

Wonderful explanation! I'm going to have to copy that! Doesn't surprise me at all that Arleigh came up with that. She's one smart cookie! And beautiful too! Love those dresses!

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