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Friday, March 19, 2010

What's In A Name?

What's in a name? Around here alot. At least, alot of thought. It started a long, long time ago. When I was little, I sat around giving my dolls special names. I dreamed of the names I would give my children. By the time I was 13, I was settled. I knew I would have a boy and name him Wheeler Logan. A second boy, I might consider Lincoln. If I ever had a girl, I would name her Arleigh.

I had discussed the names at length with my Gran. She liked talking about names as much as I did. In fact, she had a story she told about her grandchildren involving their names.

It was a Wendy day. I found a Penny laying by a beautiful Robin. I drank a small glass of Brandi and had to Tye my shoe. I stopped to pet a great Dain Andrew a picture of Landon. (After she passed away, we added it was a great day playing by the Brooks.)

Anyway, Ray and I got married. We had been married almost 5 years and moved to Iceland. I had let go of Wheeler, but I was clinging to Arleigh. Growing up, Arleigh McCree was my hero. He was a family friend. I remember him being at his brother's home. He was practicing a presentation on terrorism. My parents thought my brother and I were playing. We were hiding under a chair watching everything. For the next week I wanted to walk a different way to school. In 1986, Arleigh was killed diffusing a bomb. You can read more about Arleigh here.

Ray wasn't so convinced Arleigh was the perfect name, especially considering there is a class of ships in the navy referred to as the Arleigh Burke, named after an admiral. On a trip to Scotland during my second trimester we were in a small book store. I picked up a baby name book. Arleigh was listed and meaning said, God's promise. It sold Ray. Our daughter was born Arleigh Grace, with a special meaning and named after a close family friend.

When we found out at the ultrasound that we would be having another girl, we couldn't decide how on earth we would name her after someone and give her name meaning. We searched name sites on the internet, discussed all sorts of things. Ray found Hanan. It's a Hebrew name that means gift of God. All my cousins call my mom Han. (Another long story.) Hanan Hope became the name of our second daughter. I thought I was done.

Five years later, I couldn't possibly be done. Hanan was starting kindergarten and I knew I needed another child in my life. Ray agreed. How on earth would be come up with a name? I complained about it, possibly too much. I was knows to say, "If we have another girl she will never have a name!" I stressed out my over sensitive daughters. They were at the ultrasound. When they announced it was another girl, Arleigh teared up. She just knew that baby would not have a name. So we told the girls the names we were considering. The only thing we knew is that after having a Grace and a Hope the middle name would be Faith. The girls listed carefully to the names. They looked at each other and said Bria! Bria means virtuous and love. Bria Faith it was.

Our next naming wasn't so easy. Jessa has been known to mean God Sees and God's Gift. It was hard. That was the only name that we had discussed, so as doctors and nurses were standing over us saying, "she needs a name" we decided Jessa Joy.

Cut to today. I know this is getting long. I'm getting to the point. Our name for a boy has always been Jackson Ray. Jackson is my maiden name and would honor my dad. It also means son of Jack, not real exciting. It has been our boy name for every girl.

When we started talking about adoption we noticed that Ray and I would both break out in nervous laughter. It became a joke. I would mention something and Ray would literally giggle. Ray would say something and I couldn't stifle it. On a Wednesday night about a month ago, we were talking about Sarah and Abraham and their nervous laughter. We learned that Issac means laughter or God laughs. I looked at Ray and said, should it be Issac. Cue the nervous laughter.

All that to tell you, we are asking you. I can't promise we'll so what you say. If you scroll down on the right you'll see a poll. Jackson or Issac. You tell us. Leave a comment if you want. We truly appreciate your thoughts, prayers and advice.

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