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Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

Here I go once again, with the blog carnival that was started by MckMama. I'm gonna 'fess up and let everyone know what I didn't do this week. I want to hear what you didn't do too. To see what everyone else didn't do this week, head on over to MckMama land and get a great Monday morning laugh.
It wasn't Spring Break this week. We didn't start the week with our social worker conducting a family interview, in our home with everyone here and things didn't seem a bit chaotic. I didn't hold my breath when the our social worker asked each girl "What happens when you get in trouble?" There wasn't a huge sigh of relief after hearing each of their answers. They didn't handle themselves with grace. I'm not a proud mama.

Ray didn't take a few days off. We didn't spend the better part of one day at the zoo. The girls didn't ask Grandma to come so she could go to the zoo too. We didn't do two full days at the zoo this week. It wasn't tons of fun.
On our second trip, we didn't see this orangutan for the first time. We didn't hear Bria say, "That's a big OOOOoooo AHHHahhh!" We didn't bust out laughing.

My favorite part isn't the China exhibit for many reasons. I don't happen to love pandas. At one time Arleigh didn't have 43 pandas in her room as a baby. I didn't tear up as we were at the panda chat because I got a text from a friend that said she passed court. We didn't rejoice in the middle of the zoo that he is theirs and will be coming home.
I didn't take a picture of this shirt for the KISS lover in our life. I don't think I would consider purchasing it if his wife could really force him to wear it to the next concert. My mother didn't think I was crazy for whipping out the camera in the gift shop.
Bria doesn't think Grandpa should build this barn and outfit it with a horsey before our next visit.

I'm not spending the day cleaning up the wreck of a house after a week of fun with everyone. It doesn't find me wondering what I'm going to do with them all summer when it's too hot to leave the house. I'm not wishing we had rented a house with a pool.

Finally, I'm not moving on to getting organized. I'm not aggravated that I've already found five things I really need Ray's signature on this week. He's not out of town for the week. Oh well. It's not God's timing and not my own...

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Yellow House said...

Your orangutan picture is priceless! Looks like a fun day at the zoo. Happy Monday!

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