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Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me Monday

It's been a long time since I participated in the Not Me Monday! blog carnival started by MckMama. I never pick a great day to participate. Right now, MckMama is in Kenya with Compassion. She is working to be God's hands and feet. While she is doing that, my Not Me Monday seems downright frivolous. It's also a great, fast way to tell you about our whirlwind of a weekend.

I'm ashamed to say, I'm going to go ahead and tell you about all the excesses we had this weekend while MckMama is experiencing how little others have. Make me feel better. Go read about her experiences in Kenya. Pray for the team that is there trying to minister to children. If you aren't sponsoring a child, or have room to sponsor another child, I pray today that you'll make that choice. Maybe my excesses will give a little to someone else. Here we go...

We did not have softball on Saturday morning. We were not at all worried about Arleigh trying out. She hasn't been playing and practicing for less than a week. I didn't almost cry when I saw her running with the boys trying out for baseball. Ray wasn't running around trying to make sure she was on the softball roster. It wasn't all because one person failed to circle a number.

We were not at all proud of Arleigh. She didn't snatch up grounders hit to her and throw them to first. She didn't run as fast as everyone else in spite of the fact that she's been suffering from shin splits after Jump Rope for Heart. She didn't hit a BASEBALL on two of her 3 pitches. She didn't look as good as some of the boys. My heart was not bursting with pride when we left the field.

We didn't rush off the field to go straight to Grandma's. I didn't forget my camera, Bria's medicine, sippy cups and something else that I haven't already forgotten again. I didn't have to drive back to the house to pick up all those items. It didn't provide us with a much needed potty break. I didn't make excellent time and get there almost 45 minutes before I expected to. We didn't miss a birthday party because I was running so late.

We didn't get there and enjoy the dock.

I didn't make the girls take 1000 pictures outside with ratty hair and filthy clothes just so I could try some new things with the camera. These are not all straight out of the camera shots because I couldn't be too tired this morning to try and edit them. I don't want photoshop because my editing software isn't incredibly limiting anyway.

I didn't let them run to the barn and back several times in hopes that I might get some sleep later.
We don't try to find any kind of horse we can, even the one from my childhood.
We didn't decide to bathe four little girls in one bath tub. My aunt washing their hair and then combing it out doesn't deserve it's own post.
This is not what we drove for... my girls did not get their first experience with a Broadway play in Paducah, KY. I did not have to move more than 800 miles away and live into my late 20s to experience anything like this. They are not 2, 7 and 9 when they first went. Hanan didn't leave her good dress shoes at home when I told her she couldn't wear them to the softball field. Arleigh isn't wearing a too small dress just because she says she has no fancy clothes at all so she didn't have to borrow her sister's dress. Bria didn't start coughing and puke all over her dress while we were at lunch. We weren't eating Italian. It wasn't red. I didn't take her into the bathroom, undress her and try to wash it out and then dry it on the dryer. I wasn't disappointed and slightly embarrassed to have her walk in with a pink puke line down her more than slightly damp dress. We didn't hear from everyone that we tried to explain to that we should have had a spare set of clothes. Oh, Hanan didn't also have hot fudge dripping down the white piping of her dress. Luckily for Hanan, Bria's wasn't much more noticeable.
Bria is not a narcissist even in a fancy bathroom. I don't love to look at that beautiful pout either.
The big girls weren't having so much fun. They didn't leave with souvenirs. I didn't have a hard time trying to get a picture that would get the rose and their faces while keeping them still enough for a shutter speed that would accomplish it.
So you know... Bria didn't say after the third song, "My turn! Watch it Dora!" Just before intermission she didn't say "Okay, I go bye-bye." When I told her, no Arleigh and Hanan want to see Belle, she didn't say, "Okay I watch movie in car!" No one around us was giggling. She wasn't at all tired from not having a nap. She didn't finally hit her head on an armrest proceed to scream for exactly the longest 45 seconds I can remember and then sleep through the rest of the show. That did not include intermission. My butt wasn't uncomfortable and asleep by the end.

Their smiles weren't so wide I thought they might pop when they saw Gaston act silly or heard Be Our Guest. They didn't talk about the special effects most of the way home and again this morning. Hanan was not so asleep when we go home and still look at her daddy and say, "Oh Daddy, it was soooooo good."

It was absolutely, positively not worth the whirlwind trip. I don't want to thank Grandma for scavenging the tickets and taking us to lunch. We did not have a fabulous time that we will remember forever.


heidi said...

I think it sounded like your weekend didn't suck. :-)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Very cute!! I loved the pics AND the fact you let them run back and forth to the barn a 100 times! Me? Would've made the same call on my end~

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