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Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Life

I'm feeling Mr. Doyle's pain these days. It is infuritating, frustrating, disappointing and any other number of adjectives. I think that the teachers are suffering from complacency because at this point, it's easier to just give the answers and hope for the best.

My mother the educator may want to shoot me, but my new mantra seems to be let's don't let school get in the way of your education. Memorization isn't learning. I understand it works for some things but I also know there are many algebra formulas that have slipped from my brain.

Why can't we find a way to make our children think and then apply what they've learned? Why aren't we teaching them problem solving tools instead of the answers?

The problem I see with teaching the test is that we are handing our children fish and they never learn how to bait a hook, cast or reel in their catch much less how to get those nasty scales off and prepare it when they're done. I feel so sorry for them when they get to college but I feel worse for the professors who will have to deal with them.

Let me also say, even with the push for the SOLs. I never, ever in a million years felt this way dealing with the Virginia Schools system, particularly in Virginia Beach.

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Shannon said...

Better watch out.....I see homeschooling in your future?!?!

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