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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Cure For The Grumps

Have I mentioned that Ray's away for work this week? Even if he was at home, when the kids get up at night, I try to take care of it. He has to be nice to people at work. I have to be nice to Bria. Last night, I watched the Biggest Loser with the girls after we played outside and had baths. I tucked everyone into their beds and settled in to watch Lost. Sounds like a pretty good night. Right?

I knew it would be bad when 45 minutes after they went to bed, Arleigh was up. She was hearing noises. I'm sure it was just the Smoke Monster but how am I supposed to tell her that? I sent her back to bed and turned down the television. I decided not to take my chances and took my phone to bed. I wanted to text Ray but since he was still out socializing, I decided to scan Facebook and drift off.

Hanan was up screaming her head off at midnight. It gives me the willies if they have the willies and Ray isn't home. That leads to insomnia and more scanning of social networking. I drift off again for Bria to wake me up at 2, 3, 4, and 4:30. I give up around 5 and just put her in my bed. My bed that Arleigh was already tucked neatly into sound asleep. Some time around 6 Bria went to sleep.

I don't do well without sleep. I am a big time sleeper. I go to bed before Ray and wake up after he's up and ready for the day. Lack of sleep makes me grumpy. Combine that with the fact that the status updates on Facebook are making me extra grumpy not a good outlook.

Then it happened. I woke up to the sounds of my kitchen being destroyed by the older two. I heard Hanan running in and out of my room and played opossum trying to get a few more minutes of sleep in. It was at that moment, with pins and needles running through my right arm because Bria was asleep on me that it happened. Hearing the giggles from the kitchen, smelling Bria's breath on my face, lying with my left arm tucked under me for leverage because a two-year old had nearly maneuvered me off my bed, I realized that waking up to giggles and a sleeping two-year old with her hand on my face makes it all better.

If I could just find a cleaning fairy who does laundry it would all be perfect. I think I'll work for a nap today. That and I'll be giving myself a a break from Facebook and still probably posting about it later.

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Karen Luttrell said...

Those round little faces waking you up in the morning is very cheering, isn't it? Makes all the other junk going on (including FB childishness) immaterial.

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