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Friday, March 12, 2010

It Makes Me Go Hmmmm...

Spring Break has started. It's official. There are 5 girls parked on my sofa eating popcorn chicken right now. Our spring break plans got kanked (yes, I believe that's a word even if I can't spell it) because we waited too late for reservations with our timeshare. No surf and sunshine for me. That's okay. I thought we would use the opportunity to get to know our neighbors and hang out with new friends. Little did I know some of our friends were a little more on top of the whole reservation thing.

Anyway, I said 5 girls. Arleigh has a good friend that seems to be parked here often, like every weekend. Yes, Arleigh is invited to her house too. I prefer to keep them here. I can watch what's going on and Hanan is happier. When Arleigh is invited to her friend's house, Hanan is never asked to tag along. The friend has much older sisters...much, much older sisters. Little britches was a surprise. They are in high school and college. I'm sure they totally ignore the younger girls but overheard conversations make me nervous at this age. Sooooo... they are all here.

I'm getting to the point. Arleigh's friend doesn't like to eat anything. I mean anything. I have a hard time finding foods that will please her. Even with special unhealthy treats it is difficult. Once we were going to Gus' Famous Fried Chicken. She almost didn't go because she was afraid there wouldn't be anything to eat. I'm limited to hamburgers there can't be cheese (which by the way is just WRONG!) fried chicken strips, cheese pizza. We aren't terribly healthy eaters so I can deal. It's the after school snack that kills me.

I have a no hydrogenated oil rule. The only time hydrogenated oil sneaks in this house is a frozen biscuit if company is here. So we are on our way home and I ask our little friend what her afternoon snack usually is. I won't tell you the gory details. Everything she mentioned is banned from our house. Everything. The stuff is horrible. Arleigh starts telling her the ills of hydrogenated oil. Our little friend says the only thing her mom bans is Crystal Light because it makes rats sick. So it will make us sick. Almost every night at least one of has a glass (or 2) of Crystal Light.

I have definite opinions of this, but I'm tired. Tonight, I'll keep them to myself and just go Hmmmmm.

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