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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

I waited to late to post our leprechaun pictures. I should have posted them before I sat down and saw all the pictures of upturned furniture, delicious green foods and such. Much like our lame tooth fairy, we have lame leprechauns. Don't tell me kids. They don't read other blogs. Hopefully they'll never know since they are out of school for Spring Break.
There was a little disappointment this year I think. The leprechauns weren't so destructive. We think maybe they know we're renting here and I would die if green marker or food coloring hit the floor.As usual, the milk was green. There were green bubble wands in the fridge. Socks were everywhere. They seemed new and were green, perfect for not getting pinched. Tuckers collar was switched for a green one. There were beads and lacy green guarders on strange items. Tuckers toys were even piles on one of my good bowls.

Going with the New Orleans theme of guarder belts and beads, socks were in odd places. I don't think I realized how odd they looked or the things that they reminded me of until I saw these pictures.

I made our traditional green pancakes.
The girls thought the guarder belts were headbands. I'll tell them before church tonight they aren't for wearing on your head.
They couldn't figure out where they leprechauns would get used toilet paper rolls from. We're still searching for a pile of paper. Hanan did this to Tucker. They leprechauns in this case are innocent. Notice his "earrings."

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What a cute idea! Why don't i think of this stuff? Oh wait...not creative!!

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