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Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Mornings

So it's Friday morning. I got a note that Hanan would be removed from school if I didn't send in a copy of our lease and her birth certificate. Her birth certificate was hiding out in a drawer when we moved. I don't know why I didn't think to just make my own copy, but I was waiting to send it until after we met with the social worker. Anyway, crisis averted. I never said I was up for mother of the year. I wonder when they are going to realize a doctor didn't sign her official vaccine notice. Thank you bureaucracy!

It's early. We had another storm that kept me awake. I'm tired and groggy. All three are up. I hear Arleigh playing with Tucker. This is unusual. She loves Tucker. She is just not the one to roll around the floor and play with him all the time. That's usually Hanan or Bria. It's nice to hear the interaction as I'm making copies and trying to fill out forms so I can get them in the mail. I hear Hanan yelling for me to come look.
Yep, that's the top bunk and Arleigh is quite pleased with herself. She got him to climb the ladder without even offering a treat. Tucker is enjoying himself too. He's had bed issues since we moved in here. He can't really decide where he should sleep. I know he's testing it no really worried. It's a nice comfy bed. He can see out a window and down the street from up there and he's getting some love from a girl who sometimes ignores him. It couldn't get much better.

Then I ask the two of them... "Exactly how do you think he's going to get down?" I get this look...
Hmmmm.... we hadn't thought of that. He couldn't back up and take a running leap like he did in the tree house. If he did, where would he land. You could tell he was as antsy about leaping to the bottom bunk as I was about letting him. I kept imagining broken ribs on the foot board. I pulled the bottom bunk out. He wasn't buying it. He tried to get down the ladder but his foot slipped. That's what spooked him. He laid down and decided it would be perfectly fine for him to live on the top bunk. That wasn't working for me.

It ending with me, on a step stool holding him like a toddler, paws on my shoulder, bum resting in my arms as I literally drug him off the top. Arleigh was crying because she suddenly realized it wasn't a great idea to coax him up there. Hanan was in future vet mode. Bria just thought it was all hilarious.

If that is how my day starts I can't wait to see what happens next.

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The Driskells said...

Never a dull moment! : )

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