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Monday, March 29, 2010

Early Egg Hunt

This weekend our church had an annual Easter Egg Hunt. Most of the families leave town next weekend for the Lads to Leaders Conference in Nashville. We'll be headed to Grandma's so we were excited to participate.
I keep forgetting we are in Memphis. My girls were a little under dressed. I was being conservative because I knew they would die eggs while they waited for their turn. Not only were they under dressed, I made the worst wardrobe choice EVER! I volunteered to stand at the egg dying table. I wore my favorite white pants. Crazy! Luckily they came out of the wash and they are still my favorite white pants.We had a cookout for lunch...hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and all the desserts you could possibly imagine. Then the kids were divided into 3 groups, under kindergarten. K-2, and then 3-5. If you are older than that you get the great privilege of helping the littles. Bria couldn't wait for her turn.

When one group was outside, another was dying eggs with me. The other group had a pinata. Hanan (thanks to a baseball player right before her) broke open the pinata for her group. Bria was just ever so grateful for all the tootsie pops she could possibly eat. With two parents, one chained to a table. Arleigh was on her own. From the smile on her face, I think she had a great time.Lucky for us, we get to do it all again next week with Grandma's church! I promise I'll dress them appropriately, although in Golo, it might not matter as much.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

All I can say is this----you can wear white pants? Man, i'd get them dirty LOOKING at them.
CUte pics!!

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