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Friday, March 5, 2010

Brought To You By The Letter P

Today's Preschool outing seemed to be brought to us by the letter P. (Yes I still watch Sesame Street. Why don't you?)

It started off great. Perusing a consignment sale. Purchasing items for my favorite People, my Princesses and soon to arrive Prince.

We Proceeded to a local Park so Preschoolers could Play on the Playground.

The Participants of the Play date Pleaded for multiple Pee Pee Potty breaks. There was one loose Poop.

Finally one little Person had clearly Partied herself out. She coughed and Puked until I was turning Purple from the Plethora of Phlegm escaping her chest and Protecting my child from germs. As my girls used to say, "Pisgusting!"

Presently my Posterior is Parked at my Place of residence. My Plans to Partake in another Park Playground Play date are on hold. I need to Prepare before I do that again.

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