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Monday, February 1, 2010

We're Having A Heart Attack

Our kitchen is having a serious Heart Attack! There are hearts and love notes everywhere and I love it! We live in and around our kitchen and a smile every time I open a cabinet because it reminds me just how sweet my girls are. This wasn't my idea. I stole it. I took it and ran with it. I'm going to tell you about it so you can steal it too.

Friday nights are family nights around here. In the past that has meant food that the girls love, a movie or a game, and all of us hanging out together, computer free! Everyone looks forward to Friday night. It's never the same. Sometimes Grandma or Nana & Papa happen to be here. It seemed to me that we were missing something.

The last few years I'm been blurking here. I love Shawni's photos. I love reading about her family. I will continue to be a serious blurker and reading her blog and ordering the books that her family writes. Right now I'm reading, How To Talk To Your Child About Sex. It's great. It's informative and I'm soaking up the advice. Anyhoo...

This weekend before the food and the movie, we talked about love, God's love for us and our love for others. We talked about how we could be showing more love as a family and read from I Corinthians. This is was great because we have talking about faith, hope and love lately. We made hearts everyone wrote something they love and appreciate about every other family member. We stuck them on the cabinets. There are more hearts and we'll add to them until Valentine's day.

I have some pretty good girls. My girls have had a fighting problem lately. Considering we've spend the last four days on top of each other in this house, they are loving each other. The hearts are a great reminder. I'm going to start working on Friday's lesson now.


heidi said...

That is AWESOME Brandi! I need to do something with my girls - they're fighting has escalated and they actually HIT each other the other day. Big No-No here. Saturday is our Family Day here, maybe I'll come up with something like this, too. :-)

The Driskells said...

Cool idea! You've got great girls and they've got awesome parents!

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